Let’s Recognize all the Good

Sometimes in life it can be super easy to see the negative of life.  I mean face it there is a lot of rotten stuff going on in the world.  While my intention is to discuss positivity it can be difficult to be positive when all that people choose to see is the bad.  But where is exactly this bad coming from?

Let’s talk about the news for just a minute.  Obviously they have a job to report current events and what is going on in the world.  So most people can watch the news for 30 minutes per day or go online to find out what’s happening.  But it can be difficult to limit the intake of news to just 30 minutes.  The reason why is because there are so many news broadcasts.  So they have the regular 6:00 news.  Then after the news they have to bring on more commentators to discuss the news and it just goes on and on and on.  The news for the most part is tragedy after tragedy.  It can weigh heavy on people.  Then next thing you know you were having a good day until you heard this really sad story and now one is sad or mad.

For that reason the news just doesn’t serve much purpose in my life.  I figure if it’s really important then the news will just come to me.

So what would happen if instead of thinking about the bad things going on in the world, we would instead focus on all of the beautiful things?  Could it change your mood from being a real sad, mad person to a loving beautiful soul. Perhaps if that’s something that one desires.

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