Are you Protected?

Are you Protected?  In what way?

Have you ever thought about your life and thought about how amazing it is that you have survived all of the things you have been through?  Maybe you have been in multiple bike accidents and have lived to tell the story.  Yet there are some people that die so randomly and quickly out of the blue.  Like the lady who was driving home from visiting an inmate and a tree fell on her car while driving.  Or maybe you work in a dangerous environment and just don’t know how some of the things that could have happened, never happen to you.

Well I’ve had many dangerous situations that could have gone much worse and I came out by all intents and purposes unscathed.  I’ve been involved in riots, had someone point a gun at me (oh was I scared), lived in some of the not so safest cities in the US and countless other situations.  The one thing that I feel kept me safe and others maybe not so much has always been my faith.  As a child I used to pray the Our Father.  I’ll go ahead and put that here in case you forgot:

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be they name, Thy kingdom come, they will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our Daily Bread and forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from Evil.

So I used to say this as a child religiously and I feel that for that reason  I’ve always been protected.  As an adult I still prayed but I think my prayers became more powerful and also I was able to call on specific angels for protection.  My favorite for protection is archangel Michael.  If you ever are afraid or feel that you need protection, you can call upon him and instantly you are protected.  If you choose to call upon him your fear will disappear and you will gain the confidence to knowing that you are protected.  Also you will begin to be guided by him and may hear him give you specific messages for your protection.  You can also pray for protection from negative, mean, grouchy people and circumstances.

I used to live in fear but now I just know that I am protected and the fear has disappeared.  I would encourage you to google Archangel Michael and see how he helps you.  Wishing you lots of love, guidance and protection now and always.


Inauguration Apprehension

This is a historical time in history.  Any time there is a new President, it is easy for the fear to come into our mind.  Why does fear come to mind?  Fear of the unknown, Fear of new policy’s that are against our morals, fear of the future, fear, fear and more fear.  As a Citizen of this great nation, one may ponder what can I do to help with this fear?

Sure you can protest, write letters, do nothing, go on a march etc.  Are most people going to do that?  Probably not.  I know for myself I have a Dr.  Appointment at the time of the Inauguration so I won’t be watching it.

But one thing that we can do is to meditate/pray for world peace.  It may not seem like a big deal.  However if everyone did that or as many people that can do it, it could have a significant effect on our consciousness.  It could cause people to just become more peaceful in their daily lives.  And after all that is where peace starts.  It must start within your own self.

Think about turning that fear into the power of prayer and or meditation.  Pray for things to go well. Pray for people to have non-violence.  Pray for law enforcement to go home safely at the end of their shift.  Pray for people traveling to be safe.  You see by praying for other people you are doing such an amazing act of service to our planet.  And one of the most amazing thing that happens is that anything that you pray about for other people comes back to you.  So you begin to feel safe, peaceful and loved.

Begin to know that you have more power than you know.  And by doing such a simple act, you can really be making a huge impact on our nation and for yourself and your family.  Picture things going well.  Picture people being happy and loved.  It can happen but first you must believe it’s possible.


High Blood Pressure and Work

The Department I work for is by nature a stressful environment.  There are many opportunities to practice stress reduction. The job so stressful that if you develop a heart condition it is pretty much just accepted as a workers compensation claim.  So today one of my co workers was very concerned when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  I know there are many people that get this diagnosis.  So it seems like it’s no big deal but that’s simply because so many people have that condition.

The reason why it is so serious it because it can cause numerous other long term problems.  It can contribute to a heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction to name a few.  So I was very concerned when my co worker told me he had high blood pressure.  I suggested that he try yoga.  He wasn’t really that interested in it.  But then I told him that some other male officers do yoga and find it to be very beneficial.

The reason why yoga is very beneficial is that the breathing associated with it just calms you down.  It gives you the oxygen that your body is starving for.  You see when we get stressed, we tend to hold our breath.  But after doing yoga you start learning how to breathe through your difficulties and things just become much easier.

So after I told him the name of a couple of other Officers that do yoga, he said he was going to discuss it with him.  I sure hope he follows up with them and decides to try something different.

The Dr. also told him that eating more fruits, vegetables and water would help him as well.  Now I know it is so hard to change your diet when you first get a diagnosis.  But if you can just start to make one small change and then another you will be on your way to healthy living in no time.

Unfortunately many of the people I work with end up dying before there time due to poor lifestyle choices.  So I hope and pray that he decides to make the necessary changes to live healthy.

My Free Baking Soda

This is a story about how I received free baking soda.  It’s very personal and it’s my experience.  So my Oldest brother Chris passed away.  And when he died he had a stockpile of baking soda.  My mother used to go shopping with him and he was always buying baking soda but she didn’t think anything of it.

After he passed she found all of this baking soda that was just being stored away.  You see my brother did not want to run out.  So he just bought and bought and bought baking soda.  So my mother had all of this baking soda and because of my brother I became obsessed with baking soda too.  I used to use it anyway but I started to research all the ways you can use baking soda (which is a completely different story).

So I started cleaning with it and taking baths with it and putting it in my lemon water and the uses just go on and on and on.  So because of my brother I began to use non-toxic cleansers.  So I feel that my brother wanted me to be healthy and because of him, I have become more healthy.  (Thank you Chris!!  I love you my Brother!!!  More to you later.)

So then I had still too much baking soda.  So what am I going to do with it?  So I discovered bath bombs.  And I do have to say that I have become obsessed with bath bombs.  As a matter of fact I think everyone should start taking baths because we might have some flooding.  So I am going to take a REALLY LONG BATH tonight.

So to my brother Chris I just want to tell you that you are a genius.  You were just born a little bit too early.  But you wanted us to be ahead.  And sometimes when we were younger, you could be really annoying.  You used to tighten the jars SUPER TIGHT!!! I mean Papi couldn’t even open the jars.  In any case you were annoying.  And very difficult to live with.  And you did not like to share.  But you spoke your mind.  And you did not care what other people thought of you.  You were into some serious meditation back in the 70’s.  And the older I get I am discovering more and more about you.  And I just feel like you were born to teach me the way.  If it hadn’t have been for you I wouldn’t have stumbled across some of the most amazing books ever printed.

So for that I just want to thank you and to know that I do feel your presence.  I know that we going to reconnect soon when I am ready.  Right now I’m not quite ready yet.  But I know it’s going to be very soon.

Some of your favorite sayings, “I’ll kick it around.”,  “Something stinks”, “Nobody will know the difference.”  “Dear Old Dad”, “Hello”, “Why don’t you get your own guacamole?”  We won’t get into people’s names because that’s just way too much.  That’s not all of them but what I can think of right now.  But he was hilarious and each one of those sayings has a story.  Some of them are hilarious and others are just things he used to say frequently.

Anyway I love you!!  Thanks for being the most amazing brother a little sister could ever have.  I forgive you for all the stupid stuff that kids do.  You have the most beautiful heart and an amazing mind and soul.  I only wish you had some kids so that they would have inherited your amazing brain.  But I think we all got pretty lucky despite everything.

2017 New Healthy Habits

Happy New Year!! 2017 has been a year I’ve been excited about for years. 2017 has been the year that I am eligible for retirement. So needless to say, I have been counting down the years. I am trying not to be too obsessive about it like counting down the days. But it does give me a sense that I can recreate my life however I want. And I find that to be very exciting.
With a new year comes resolutions. I’ve decided to skip the resolutions and instead make commitments to things I want to achieve. So I’m going to share my list with you. If you would like to you can pick whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. You can decide to start drinking more water. Adding more veggies. Any small change you make will be a catalyst for more healthy choices. And I would love it if you would come along with me. I know there are so many commitments in life as well as an endless amount of distractions. I’ve had to deal with my own distractions for years. In any case I’ve been able to make many healthy changes and my life has improved significantly. I would like to share this with you and please comment on any information you are interested in receiving.
So now I know this goal list is going to sound kind of long. But I love you guys and so I just want you to know what I do and then you can pick one and try to add that in or you can do your own goal. Can I get an amen for practicing the piano for 15 minutes per day?
1)Meditate 3 days per week.
2)Yoga Sun Salutes 2 full cycles (takes 6 minutes)
3)Drink half my weight in ounces of water (67.5 ounces more if I exercise)
4)Drink lemon water (half a squeezed lemon with 2 cups warm water. For extra health benefits add 1/4 teaspoon raw local honey and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda which helps creative an alkaline environment
5)Do yoga 2 times per week. I need this so bad. As a yoga instructor that’s not very much but I have to start somewhere. So far the Daily Sun Salutes are helping so much!!
Feel free to let me know what your goals are. Happy New Year loves!! Wish you all the love you can handle!