High Blood Pressure and Work

The Department I work for is by nature a stressful environment.  There are many opportunities to practice stress reduction. The job so stressful that if you develop a heart condition it is pretty much just accepted as a workers compensation claim.  So today one of my co workers was very concerned when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  I know there are many people that get this diagnosis.  So it seems like it’s no big deal but that’s simply because so many people have that condition.

The reason why it is so serious it because it can cause numerous other long term problems.  It can contribute to a heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction to name a few.  So I was very concerned when my co worker told me he had high blood pressure.  I suggested that he try yoga.  He wasn’t really that interested in it.  But then I told him that some other male officers do yoga and find it to be very beneficial.

The reason why yoga is very beneficial is that the breathing associated with it just calms you down.  It gives you the oxygen that your body is starving for.  You see when we get stressed, we tend to hold our breath.  But after doing yoga you start learning how to breathe through your difficulties and things just become much easier.

So after I told him the name of a couple of other Officers that do yoga, he said he was going to discuss it with him.  I sure hope he follows up with them and decides to try something different.

The Dr. also told him that eating more fruits, vegetables and water would help him as well.  Now I know it is so hard to change your diet when you first get a diagnosis.  But if you can just start to make one small change and then another you will be on your way to healthy living in no time.

Unfortunately many of the people I work with end up dying before there time due to poor lifestyle choices.  So I hope and pray that he decides to make the necessary changes to live healthy.

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