Inauguration Apprehension

This is a historical time in history.  Any time there is a new President, it is easy for the fear to come into our mind.  Why does fear come to mind?  Fear of the unknown, Fear of new policy’s that are against our morals, fear of the future, fear, fear and more fear.  As a Citizen of this great nation, one may ponder what can I do to help with this fear?

Sure you can protest, write letters, do nothing, go on a march etc.  Are most people going to do that?  Probably not.  I know for myself I have a Dr.  Appointment at the time of the Inauguration so I won’t be watching it.

But one thing that we can do is to meditate/pray for world peace.  It may not seem like a big deal.  However if everyone did that or as many people that can do it, it could have a significant effect on our consciousness.  It could cause people to just become more peaceful in their daily lives.  And after all that is where peace starts.  It must start within your own self.

Think about turning that fear into the power of prayer and or meditation.  Pray for things to go well. Pray for people to have non-violence.  Pray for law enforcement to go home safely at the end of their shift.  Pray for people traveling to be safe.  You see by praying for other people you are doing such an amazing act of service to our planet.  And one of the most amazing thing that happens is that anything that you pray about for other people comes back to you.  So you begin to feel safe, peaceful and loved.

Begin to know that you have more power than you know.  And by doing such a simple act, you can really be making a huge impact on our nation and for yourself and your family.  Picture things going well.  Picture people being happy and loved.  It can happen but first you must believe it’s possible.


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