Beliefs and Opinions

Everybody has them.  Beliefs and opinions are part of every human beings life.  Whether we are consciously aware of them, we have beliefs and opinions.  So there is a lot of new energy going on right now on our planet.  We have a new President.  There are many people have different opinions about his plans for the United States and let’s be honest, our world.  So everything that happens has a ripple effect.  So this post is not about politics.  This post is about people’s beliefs and opinions which happens to include me.

I have the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.  This is a right given to all US Citizens of the United States.  So if I decide to make a statement, and you do not agree with what I am saying, that is fine.  Because I most likely do not agree with you either.  So now where do we go from here?

A recent experience resulted in me making a post in Facebook that was political in nature.  I had remained quiet to politics, prior to that.  I just didn’t feel the need to get involved.  In any event there was an event and I could not remain silent anymore.  So I posted a video.  Well all of these, “friends” that never like or comment on any of my posts, came out of the woodwork.  And some of the things that were said were not very nice.  I just assumed they didn’t follow me because I don’t follow them.

Anyway some of my friends and them started going at it in my post.  They were saying rude things and profanity.  And it really bothered me.  Then I was mad and went on someone’s wall and went off on their post.

But I’ll go ahead and tell you a little bit more about me that some people do not know.  I am full blooded of Mexican descent.  So all 4 of my grandparents were immigrants from Mexico.  So I have Mexican Blood running through my veins.  So when I hear about them being a bully to Mexico, it bothers me.  So I get it there’s a lot that come here and commit crimes.  I work in a prison and I am fully aware.

But not all Mexicans are criminals. My family is all law abiding citizens.  We all work and pay taxes.  My parents are educated and they educated us.  Well I think I educated myself. In any case we’re no dummy’s.  My family in Mexico is educated as well.  They are Attorneys and maybe I’m starting to make stuff up about my family in Mexico because I don’t really know them.  Shame on me.  That’s on my Padre’s side of the family.

My Mom’s family are the workers.  They worked in the fields growing up.  And they worked themselves into a better life for their kids.  Which was me.  My Mother educated herself and became a Nurse.  So education is the way out of poverty.

Getting back to my roots.  My family is also Musicians.  All of my brothers are amazing Musicians.  And my father and lots of relatives.  So just let me say this, I don’t agree with what Trump wants to do with his Wall.  Mexico is our neighbor.  We need to help them so that they can get stronger and then their people won’t want to come here.  So in any case, people may not agree with me.  And then when you don’t agree with me that’s fine.

But know this that I have the right to Freedom of Speech.  And if I think my rights could be taken away, especially being a Mexican American woman with that Mexican Blood running through my veins, you had better know that I am not going to lie down.  I will fight.  And I will win.  I am not afraid of anything.  Will I start Marching, probably not.

What I do ask for is respect.  Respect is huge.  If you don’t agree, state your comments, but don’t make it personal.  Or if you don’t agree with me, unfollow me.  It’s really simple.  So of course my views are important to me.  Just like everyone else’s views are important to them.

But we want to win.  And everyone wants to fight.  So I just feel that there are more productive ways than arguing.  Talk is cheap.  How about everyone start helping out those less fortunate.  It’s like turn the TV off and help someone out.  Or go for a nice long walk, instead of argue.  But I do understand about wanting to attack someone in writing.  Because I did it too.  Sad to say, I did.

But now I realize how pointless that was.  It’s just our flight or flight response that gets activated.  And then we think we need to fight.  But we’re not in the jungle.  So anyway I just ask that people be nice to each other.  We’re all dealing with life and trying to just be the best we can.

So ask yourself, what’s your contribution to this planet?  We all have to do something good.

I believe that we must support those things we support.  I won’t take my rights for granted.  And by doing that, it makes sure that they stay there.  So in any case.  Feel free to comment and just let me know if there is an action you can take or commit to.  Let’s make this planet better.  XOXOX