Dream a Little Dream

Well the time has come where it is time to start making decisions.  Our life experience is made up of a series of choices.  Everything from what we choose to eat, to career decisions, travel decisions, business decisions, fitness goals and then there are passionate dreams.  So there is only so much time in a day and you have to be consciously aware of how you spend your time.  It’s super easy to get caught in the day in and day out of watching TV and house hold chores.

But if you want to do something other than spending time in front of the TV or folding laundry, then one must make big important decisions.  If those decisions are helping to bring a dream to life then I would say that is a worth while pursuit.

But what if you are knee deep in laundry or maybe your caught up in the day in and the day out of trying to raise a responsible Adult American.  That is the situation I am currently experiencing.  Raising a teenage girl is not easy.  It can feel like herding sheep at times.  And sometimes the little dog has to bark at the sheep to keep them on course.  (I’m really not a barker.  Although I am very good at barking, I highly despise it.  I’ve gotten very good at being outspoken and it’s not my favorite thing.)

So while herding sheep, how does one find time to pursue true passion?  My answer is just to do those things in daily small increments.  So maybe that might mean writing 20 minutes per day on something.  Gee that’s a great idea!!  So 20 minutes a day to write.  I think that’s really doable.  My problem is I have too many passions.

You never know I could become the triple threat.  Some may know what that means.  So maybe that’s it.  But either way I’ve committed to this Blog and I’m not going to give up just because sometimes, I am herding cattle.

(Note my daughter is not cattle obviously.  That was just a joke.  And if someone can’t get my humor, I totally understand.  I love my daughter to the moon.  She’s my greatest teacher and I am not sure why I was so blessed.  Love you little one.)

Also in the pursuit of my dreams these next few months are going to be very critical for everyone’s future.  So my hope and prayer is that all of us are super loving and kind to one another.  Especially me.  People can be harsh at times and I include myself in that.  I can be harsh because I’ve had to be tough for a long time.  So in any case let’s just all be nice to each other.  And I hope and pray that our love will transform all of the anger to love and joy.

2 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. r1ckeas1ey says:

    Single working moms everywhere can follow your example. You have the most important and lowest paying job in the world. I have nothing but admiration for you.

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