Human’s Versus Earth

Doesn’t that sound like a movie? Human’s Verses Earth.  What does that even mean?  In my opinion it means that we are actually battling against ourselves.  You see the earth is made up of 75% water and 25 % matter. This is exactly the ratio to human beings.

So if we take really good care of the planet, we are actually taking really good care of the ourselves.  Anything such as, (recycling, car pooling, riding a bike, solar electricity) is good for the planet, I totally get it.  We are all working super hard and we don’t have time to add another thing on our list of things to do.

I just realized recently  that as humans we make the same composition as the mother earth.  It just makes me want to love the planet more.  But you really don’t have to make amy huge changes to your life to be a good person.

You don’t have to make more money, lose weight, get buffed or anything.  All you have to do is think about loving yourself or anything on the planet.  If you love plants or animals,  KUDOS to you.  If you love baseball, KUDOS to you.  If you love yourself, you get EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS.

If you can show your love to an animal, person, child, co worker, driver on the freeway…. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR.  You’re job is just to love people.  Everyone is most likely going through some kind of drama you know nothing about.  Even if their drama is trying to figure out what to wear…. That is still a drama in their mind.  Anyone going through drama is suffering.

More than anything, whatever it is you are doing…. It’s FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH!!!!  You don’t have to do anything spectacular.  Just loving any of life is enough.  Feeding a humming bird…. That’s enough…. picking up dog shit…. that’s enough…. answering phone calls….that’s enough…. We are all doing something to help someone.

Even if we are putting away clean clothes.  Gee what’s the appreciation in that? If you didn’t have clean clothes…then you would be seriously stressed out.  Or if you didn’t have anywhere to put them, that would seriously suck, big time.  So clean clothes are actually a blessing.  It also means you have clean water and most likely, you don’t have to wash them on rocks.  So shut the fuck up about having to put them away.

Everything I am writing here, is actually like a big letter to myself.  Which is basically to know that whatever I am doing is great and good enough.  So you can continue to grow through all of your experiences.  Because that’s all we really are but all of our experiences.




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