How to handle Disappointment

SAD DOGHave you ever been disappointed?  I think that is an easy question because disappointment is a part of life.  Everyone has been disappointed or disillusioned about a situation.  Usually the disappointment stems from some form of expectation.  Thinking that things are going to be a certain way and when it doesn’t turn out the way that you envisioned, then it’s easy for the disappointment to creep into your mind.  Yes I say creep because disappointment can be a creep! But often time it is self created.

When disappointment creeps in it can cause various reactions. From anger, crying, lashing out or just being a raving lunatic.  Every person deals with it differently depending on their experience and coping skills.  One thing is for sure that it’s part of life and we all have to deal with it.  If one can do it in a positive manner, that would be the best outcome.

The following would probably be healthy ways to deal with it:

  1. Disappointment happens and I’ll say that again, disappointment happens.  It’s not anybody’s fault although somebody could have contributed to it.  But in either case, my dear you must accept this disappointment in order to get on with your life.  It happens to EVERYONE.  You don’t have the market on disappointment.  It’s not punishment for a sin you committed it’s just life.
  2. Call a really good friend and tell them what happened.  You’ll get the support and encouragement you need (hopefully.)  Just make sure you don’t call them only when you have a problem otherwise, they might start to avoid you like the plague.
  3. Journal or write about what happened.  You can either write every bloody detail or simply stick to “nothing but the facts m’am.”  You will have a better understanding of the situation.  Then if you want to burn that paper up when you’re really ready to release it.
  4. Know that depending on the situation you may have to take action.  It could mean distancing yourself from someone, blocking someone on your phone, writing a letter, boycotting an organization etc.  But taking action can be very healing and put you back in the drivers seat.
  5. Consult a professional. Talking to a professional can give you clarity about your choices and options and what you can do.  Just know they won’t tell you what to do but they will get you thinking in the right direction.

Regardless of what actions you take, just know that you are in control of whatever actions you choose to take and it’s your decision.  Make your choices and remember that in most cases, YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING.  So do what’s right for you and get on with your amazing life.

It’s OK to be a Big Baby

It’s OK to be a Big Baby


Have you ever noticed how parents for the most part take really good care of their babies. They feed their babies healthy food (unprocessed), make sure they get their naps, give them a relaxing bath before bed, turn the lights, put on relaxing music and massage their babies with relaxing lotions with the hopes of helping their babies sleep really well so that the parents can either get a good night sleep or maybe they can binge watch Netflix without being interrupted.

So the babies are all well cared for. Parents know instinctively when their kids start to get irritable, that they are either hungry or cranky because they need a nap. After the nap the babies wake up usually in a good mood and everyone is happy.

One question here: What makes adults think we are any different than babies in our quest for health and wellness? Talk to any mother and you will usually find a sleep deprived woman who can’t remember the last time she slept for 8 hours. If that keeps up, is there any wonder why women can get irritable, grouchy or downright mean? In my humble opinion, I believe that if we all started treating ourselves more like babies, maybe we wouldn’t be so tired.


I recommend people start acting like babies more often. No that doesn’t mean wearing a diaper and crying every time you don’t get your way. It means feeding yourself healthy food. Would you feed your baby the food you are putting on your plate? If the answer is no, maybe you can start catering to ourselves like we are a baby. Simplify the food you eat and make it unprocessed as much as possible. JERF AKA Just Eat Real Food can be healing in and of itself.


Also think about what your night time routine is prior to slumber. Do you watch violent/scary movies or surf the internet prior to bed? Do you eat sugar before bed? Do you work all the way until your exhausted and then fall into bed, only to find yourself tossing and turning? Something to think about with your night time routine. So ask yourself if you would dream of doing this to a toddler and expect them to get a good night’s sleep?:

1)Let them watch a scary movie before bed. The Exorcist would be a great movie for a kid to watch before bed. Let’s see how wonderful this kid sleeps.
2)Give them a lot of sugar. How about a nice Coke before bed?
3)Do vigorous exercise before bed? Have their dad start a pillow fight and let them jump on the bed. Yes that will wear them out.
4)Let them play violent video games.

I think it’s safe to say that most logical parents would never dream of doing any of the above with their kid. Although I’m sure it does happen and there is no judgment. The above activities are not geared towards getting a good night’s sleep.

Since most parents wouldn’t do that with their kids, then why do parents think it’s OK for them to do similar types of behavior and wonder why they can’t get a good night’s sleep. The following are behaviors that can hinder sleep:
1)Watching the news ie war, politics, violence, crime etc in the evening.
2)Eating sugar ie: ice cream, cookies, candy, chocolate, pie, coffee and alcohol can have an effect on your sleep as well
3)Getting into a debate on social media is a horrible way to relax.

I’ll end this with behaviors that can help wind down at the end of the day:
1)Turn down the lights especially electronics
2)Take a relaxing bath or shower
3)Use Essential Oils such as lavender, ylang ylang or Frankincense to promote relaxation. There are numerous ways these can be used. They can be put in a diffuser, mixed with oil to make a luxurious massage oil.

essential oils\   4)Put on relaxing spa music and it’s especially beneficial to have music without lyrics.

So it’s OK baby.  Get some rest sweetie pie.  Lord knows you deserve it.  Sending you sweet dreams and all good things.

Before bed say a prayer about all of the things you are grateful for.  You are blessed and loved by the most high.  Never forget that.

PS:  If you would like to purchase any essential oils, please let me know or just click on the link above.  This Blog is not free to operate.  And I have to get technical support and it goes on and on.  So I do appreciate your support.  And if you get them from me in person, it saves on shipping.

Take care loves!!