Go Outside and Trim a Bush Already

My family has a history of having green thumbs.  My grandmother, Lupe, God Bless her soul, had a very green thumb.  She had a beautiful garden.  She could plant something from a twig and it would flourish.  My mother had the same gift.

Now my gardening skills are on a whole other level.  I subscribe to the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest.  My plants need to be able to survive with very little water and lots of neglect.  This was not really my fault.  I mean I was working full time and also being a fitness instructor and a mom and those plants were like so back burner.  I am pretty sure the only reason they really stayed alive was because my ex-boyfriend used to water them when he came over.  The plants used to sing songs when he came around.

Well I am happy to report that I have now matured to the level of actually watering my own plants and I’m trying to maintain them.  I think they are still a little mad at me over the years of neglect from me.  My lemon tree likes me because it gives me plenty of lemons.  My succulents don’t like a lot of water, so we’re cool too.  I do have some geraniums that are actually quite sturdy but are basically holding on by their roots.  I’ve been watering and trimming them and they are hanging on.  I think I need to move them.  It’s just too much sun.

I used to think of gardening as some form of punishment left over from when I was a kid.  But now I actually like going out there and it’s quite peaceful.  I actually started mowing my own lawn too because I was paying for it and I just decided to buy my own push lawn mower and do it myself.  I mean why pay for something I can do myself.  So I’ve found that it doesn’t take very long to do it.  About 30 minutes.  I’m not all into my lawn like some people.  I mean it’s green enough.  And if I miss certain parts get missed (or my daughter misses certain parts) who cares?  I’ll just do it the next time.  I mean there’s no lawn police coming over anytime soon.

 This is how I felt as a kid, but not anymore.

But it’s really cool being outside and trimming those bushes and the lawn feels therapeutic.  It’s like seeing someone with really long straggly hair and you want nothing more than to go up to them with a pair of scissors and trim it up.  Well that’s the sense of gratification you can get, trimming stuff.  And again if it’s not perfectly straight, who cares?  And you didn’t risk your life from cutting some random person’s straggly beard or hair.

 Imagine how great it would feel to trim this hair.  Now that’s pure satisfaction guaranteed.  Maybe not for the boyfriend though.

Also fringe benefit is getting some fresh air, sunshine, physical exercise and your pocket book is happy too.  But I usually find something else to blow my money on anyway.