Why I Love Dancing

I really love dancing. I started dancing as a child and have kept it up for most of my life in some form or another. As a child, I studied Ballet, Tap and Jazz and as an adult I am currently taking ballet and tap. I have not always been taking classes. Sometimes I said I did not have time or I could not find a teacher that I was compatible with.

My body always feels better when I dance.  It feels amazing to just move your body.  I have always exercised either at a gym or been active riding bikes or hiking.  But dancing is a different form of movement.  My dance teacher, Angeline, says that it’s the toughest form of athleticism because you have to be strong, flexible, balanced and you have to make it look like it’s easy.  I agree that it’s very challenging but to me it just feels so good to just move my body.

When I was working at my sedentary job, I would get off work and would just love it when I could move my body.   When I dance my body wakes up and I feel alive.  It’s fun to dance to a song that is just a kick ass song.  Dance is a physical expression of music.  So you hear the music and with dancing you move to the rhythm  and it just is wonderful.

In March of 2017 I decided I was going to have a retirement party and I wanted to perform at my party with my family and closest friends.  So I trained with Angeline for 7 months consistently.  It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  One of the reasons I feel it was so difficult was because I would go dance after work in which I sat down for so many hours of the day.  It’s like the sitting was counter productive to my dancing.  But I just had to keep trying to reach my dream.

I know not everyone dances or they say they can’t dance.  But whatever you are capable of doing, you should just do that.  If you can walk, then walk.  If you can run, then run.  Whatever you find enjoyable, do that.  I find dancing to be very enjoyable and I love it.  But sometimes I want to pull my hair out trying to learn something new.  But I just keep trying with the hope that I can improve.  I am not the world’s best dancer by any stretch. But I just do the best that I can do any given day.  Some days are better than others and some days I suck at dancing.  Sometimes I just want to do the thing I am good at and no I don’t want to do that new challenging move or choreography that I don’t know or want to know.  But if you just keep trying and if you have a good dance teacher, they will break it down and then it’s much easier.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel alive.  A big hint is that you usually lose track of time while you are doing it.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Dancing

  1. 119changeme says:

    Have you ever tried dancing to salsa music.? My wife loves to dance to all types of music, but I never caught the dance fever of the 70s and 80s. For many years I went to a Barber who had been dancing salsa for close to 45 years. He always had lots of energy and rode in 100 and 200 mile bike races. He greatly inspired me and I tried salsa. To my surprise it was fun and not too hard to learn. The music itself makes the body want to move to the rythem. It’s the only music that makes me get up and go hit the dance floor.

    • ValerieEstrella says:

      Yes I love dancing to Salsa music. The key is to have a dance partner who can lead. So your wife is lucky. Dancing is also great for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and it helps keep your brain active. So happy that you enjoy dancing. 🙂

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