What Comes First? Massage or Mud Bath

Recently I had the great honor of going to Calistoga and staying at Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs. I drove up on a Monday evening and decided to let the navigation take me and I went a way that was unfamiliar. It was Silverado Trail and I usually go a different way. So when I arrived, I was a lot stressed out and not to mention, I was already stressed out in the first place to cause me to actually schedule a retreat for myself.

This is how good I felt after the healing water

As soon as I arrived I knew I needed to just get into that Mineral Bath as soon as I could. The warm healing water felt so amazing on my body. I went swimming and had the wonderful feeling of being back in the embryonic stage and just being fully supported by amniotic fluid. It was amazing. But I have to say I was still a nervous wreck. I was stressed from too much social media and not enough self care.

The next morning I decided to get my services I booked which was a massage and mud bath. I made the appointment and didn’t really pay attention to the order of services when I booked. So being the little control freak that I am I had it in my head that I was going to have the mud bath first and then the massage. So when I went for my services and I had the massage first and then the mud bath, I was like whoa whoa whoa. I wanted the mud bath first for some reason because that was the way I’ve always had it.

What Happened As a Result of Order of Services?

So I had the massage first and it was awesome as usual. The Certified Massage Therapist was really good. She was super sweet and very experienced. I didn’t want it to end. But as all things usually end, that’s what happened.

I went to the mud bath and it was AMAZING!! It was relaxed from the massage and got in the mud and just really chilled out. Then I was able to get in the hot mineral spring waters followed by a “mummy wrap.” and OMG I was in heaven. “Mama where’s my bottle?”, is what I almost said.

During the deep state of relaxation I came up with the idea about being created to create. I realized I wasn’t born for any other reason than to create and it was such a relief. It felt so good to realize this. I could relax and create and I actually wrote a little song about it entitled, You were Created to create.

What I learned?

So long story short is don’t be afraid or mad when things don’t go exactly according to plan. It might turn out even yummier. It sure worked out that way for me. Thus the saying Go with the flow, easy peasy nice and breezy.

Golden Haven in Calistoga is definitely the place to go. They have a fridge in the room so take some yummy snacks so you don’t have to run out for food.

We were created to create. NOW GO CREATE SOMETHING

Valerie is a Health and wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.  She’s kept up with the tap dancing and she encourages everyone to follow their dreams.  She says don’t worry if you don’t feel like you can do something well, just relax and have fun. XOXO

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