Tap Dancing To Santana is Hard!!

My Dad was a music teacher and we had a family band in the 70’s. My dad played keyboards and trumpet. My eldest brother, Chris played the drums, Ben played the guitar and Adam played the bass guitar and vocals. They played this song in 1975 and Chris was 15, Ben 14 and Adam was 12.

I remember hearing this song A LOT when I was a kid too. It’s not a very fast paced song and tap dancing to a slow song is a little bit like slowing down a stampede. When I TAP I generally want to go fast. IT’S JUST SO FUN!!

I decided to dance to this song just to honor my brothers that were playing this music when they were just kids. It just amazes me!! I thought well the least I can do is TAP dance to the song.

This is what I was doing well they were playing music.

Well you can obviously watch the video. This is improvisational dance. It’s not a perfect performance by any stretch of the imagination. I look at it and cringe. But then I’m like, OH WELL. I just want to let people know that it’s OK to do your thing even if your not PERFECT. Get over the PERFECTION thing anyway. There is no such thing.

I just wonder if I’m going to dance on a bigger floor than that little piece of wood. Time will tell sweetheart…

If my mom wouldn’t have been cooking, we’d all be dead. Thanks Mom!! She was behind the scenes making sure we all ate. XOXO

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She encourages everyone to relax, eat healthy and just enjoy our lives.

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