Everyday You Practice Something

As humans we are creatures of habit. There are many professionals who have a practice. A lawyer practices law, a Dr. practices medicine, a musician practices their instrument, a dancer practices dance.

So in life pretty much everything we do everyday becomes our practice. If we walk daily, we are practicing walking. If we play tennis, we are practicing tennis, if we watch TV, we are practicing watching TV. If we drink alcohol daily, we are practicing alcoholism, if we eat junk food, we are practicing being a junk food junkie (not that there’s anything wrong with it.)

If you love, you are practicing being a lover, if you hate, you are practicing being a hater and so forth.

What we do daily or weekly are the things we practice in our lives and it becomes who we are. Now maybe you might realize that you have some things you know are no longer serving you and you may choose to change something. You don’t have to change anything but add in that thing you want to become.

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Let’s just say you really enjoy bird watching but you spend much of your time watching TV. Well one day plan on going out to watch birds. I bet you will enjoy it so much that you decide to do it again. Say to yourself, I AM a Bird WATCHER. And as you watch birds you are now officially a bird watcher and then you practice watching birds whenever you can.


Whatever you want to do, JUST DO IT and then as my very smart music teacher says, KEEP CALM AND PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Next thing you know you can say, I AM a tennis player, I AM a YOGINI, I AM a SWIMMER, the mere fact that you are doing something makes you that thing. Now it’s a whole other level to be professional. But even someone that takes photographs is a PHOTOGRAPHER. Being PROFESSIONAL has nothing to do with practice. There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH PRACTICING YOUR JOY AND LOVE. Just think about practicing WHAT YOU ENJOY AND LOVE.

Also if you are grouchy and mean guess what you are practicing? It’s OK. You can change it anytime you want. Perhaps you have a good reason to be grouchy and mean, it’s understandable but unless that’s what you want from your life to be GROUCHY AND MEAN, then maybe you might need more sleep and or think about being nice. You’re just stuck in a negative pattern but you can change it just like changing a channel. It’s all up to you.

Valeria is a Health and Wellness Coach and lives in Nor Cal. She started this Blog because her co-workers were dying from stress. She learned how to heal herself and is not passing it on. She hopes everyone can be healthy and happy. It starts with a peaceful healthy meal. This is what Valerie does when she’s grouchy.
Shake it off!!

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