Mean People are Grown Up Toddlers

Mean people can be scary.

Have you ever had to interact with mean people? If you are alive you undoubtedly have had the experience of someone being mean or giving you a dirty look for no reason. The examples are endless. From the woman looking you up and down at the grocery store to your boss that is frustrated with life. It happens.

Have you ever been around a 2 year old that is just screaming his head off for no reason whatsoever. Just full on crying. Usually it’s a family party and you realize, the child did not have their regular nap, ate a bunch of sugar and was running around all day with friends and is just exhausted. As a parent, you would take your child to a quiet place, give them something to eat and drink, give them a hug and just hold them and comfort them while they cry. Usually within 20 minutes or so they will be sound asleep or comfortable in their pajamas with a snack and ready for bed.

Sweet baby got some comfort.

Same thing goes for adults. If you are sleep deprived, haven’t been eating properly, drink a lot of caffeine, add a little hang over and adults act just like toddlers. Only difference is that adults know how to control their impulses a little bit. So they can’t walk around screaming their kids off and throw themselves on the floor. So instead they just become very angry and hold it inside until they explode to the point of being mean and nasty to others. It’s really sad when they are mean to strangers but they honestly don’t know what to do with their anger.

Have a cup of calming tea to calm down. It’s easy peasy.

So that my dear is how people get mean. If this was my husband or wife acting like this. I’d say, “Get over here and get your butt in this bath tub right now.” Throw in some epsom salt, essential oils and baking soda. “You also need a big bowl of hot soup and a cup of calming tea. Here’s a warm robe and socks. Do you want a blanket now or after you eat? OK here’s your favorite music and book, go lie down tuck them in and say rest sweetie pie. I’m here for you but you need to calm down.”

Then I would suggest that they go to yoga,breathe and relax. Listen spa music and watch only comedies and no war movies, video games or anything else that’s going to agitate them. Hopefully they will calm down and realize they were just tired and need a good long rest.

Young woman lying on the bed at home

Well if you don’t have anyone to do that for you. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You can do it. After all NOBODY LIKES A SCREAMING TODDLER. EVEN THE PARENTS WANT TO PULL THEIR HAIR OUT. So do us all a favor AND RELAX SWEETIE PIE. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Valeria is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She encourages everyone to practice self care and relax so you can enjoy life. She also encourages everyone to follow their passion as that is where you will find your joy. And remember you don’t have to be perfect to do something. Just keep calm and practice, practice, practice. Here’s Valerie following her passion.

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