Invest In Your Health Now or Pay Dearly Later

What’s Happening Now

In the USA there is a serious problem with obesity and preventable diseases such as heart disease and cancer. As a health Coach I see many unhealthy people in my community. Am I the healthiest person? Probably not but I started this Blog because many of my co workers were committing suicide and also have a shortened life due to stress. It just makes me very sad to see people getting sick and dying unnecessarily.

Because of the fast paced lifestyle, many people don’t have time to cook for their families and so they rely on the restaurants to feed them. Many of these restaurants are very unhealthy due to excessive, salt, fat and sugar. I’m talking about McDonald’s and Taco Bell etc. and they contribute to weight gain and your taste buds get used to all of the fat and sugar and then regular food such as fruit and vegetables just tastes very bland.

I know it’s a lil dull but add some nuts to it and dressing and bam!!

Over time people are developing disease such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes. In order to stay alive, they must take medication in order to stay alive. The medications are very expensive. One friend has to pay $750 for one medication per month. This person worked very hard all their live and worked for 40 years for the Government. So now they have to pay $750 per month for one medication. That’s ridiculous!!

My whole point is that if we don’t take the time to invest in ourselves now because you “can’t afford” it, well guess what you are going to pay later financially and possibly with your life. It really saddens me to write this but we have to know that we have choices.

I understand that not everyone loves to cook. I don’t love it either!! It’s time consuming and then there is a big mess to clean up afterwards. I do it because I can know exactly what I’m eating and just feel better when I eat right.

What you can do?

First off, go to your doctor and get a physical with lab work to find out exactly what’s going on. If you don’t know where you are then you have no way to get out of the situation. Yes it’s not fun to weigh yourself and or get poked with needles. But you are worth it. Depending on what they say, you can make a plan for yourself. Most insurance plans have educational materials or classes that you can take. They want people to be healthy because it’s a huge expense for our health care system. So start there.

If you like to cook, start meal planning. But if you don’t, then look into a healthy meal deliver service such as Hello Fresh. With meals starting at $6.99 I think everyone can afford that. For the record I’ve never tried this service but I think it’s worth looking into as the food looks delicious. But you will have to clean up after yourselves because you have to cook it.

Another option is Fit Eats out of Sacramento, CA. This one you don’t have to cook or clean. Again I have never tried this but I know people who have and they seem to enjoy it. There is also Blue Apron which I have never tried either. These are suggestion because drastic times calls for drastic measures.

Don’t be afraid to get professional help

There are counselors, dietitians, personal trainers that are waiting to assist you as you learn how to change your habits. Everything is a habit but you can change your habits. It takes about 21 days to change a habit. Will it be easy, no but you are so worth it. And it’s understandable if you cannot afford these services. But I know plenty of people going to football games, going out to bars, concerts, having multiple houses, RV’s etc. They can afford it but they are not valuing their own health. It’s obviously a personal choice for these people. It’s not about looking good in daisy dukes. It’s about your HEALTH.

Do you want to be there for your kids?

It might be hard for you to make changes but hopefully you can think about your children. They need you more than you know. The world needs you too. Let’s get this taken care of now and then you can look back and say, man that was hard work but hey I am feeling so much better now. Ask yourself what you are willing to commit to. You can do it!!

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle and pursue their dreams. She’s sharing her passion with the world and hopes that everyone can find their passion.

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