I Love You When

I just want you to know how awesome you are!!

I love you when you first wake up in the morning and you are so happy to see me. With your beautiful shiny eyes.

I Love you when you stretch your body in the most imaginative ways. Your body is a magnificent creation and I’m glad you take care of it so well.

I love you even when you haven’t brushed your teeth.

I love you when you are relaxing and you just look so cozy and comfy that I just want to come over there and snuggle with you.

I love you when you eat and you get a little bit sad after your last bite.

I love you when you read a book even though you’re struggling to finish 1 page. You just keep going over it again and again until it finally sinks in.

I love you when you are really sleepy but you just don’t want to shut it off because you are having a nice time.

I love you when you’re having fun.

I love you when you are sad.

I love you when you had surgery and I took care of you afterwards.

I love you when I make sure you have water and the things you need to be comfortable.

I love you do a hard job even though you really don’t feel like it.

I love you when you get rid of the junk that’s just a real drag.

I love you when you transmute the anger energy into divine love.

I love you because you have asked the hard questions and gotten the answers you deserve.

I love you most of all when you are having fun and not getting caught up in other people’s nonsense. Just really feeling good because that’s the only thing that really matters anymore.

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle and pursue their dreams. She’s sharing her passion with the world and hopes that everyone can find their passion.

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