Eliminate These Foods for Health/Food Swaps Provided

Why is the food toxic?

I am a Health Coach and I have a food sensitivity to gluten. My body does much better when I am gluten free. While I was studying to be a Health Coach via the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I discovered THAT MUCH OF OUR FOOD IS a genetically modified organisms (GMO). Also the food is sprayed with toxic chemicals such as Monsanto’s Round Up. Sorry but there have been numerous lawsuits that has found this company responsible for their customer’s getting cancer from working with Round Up. So because of this I really try to avoid any wheat products that are not certified organic. Otherwise, they have been sprayed with Round Up. I am sorry to tell you that. What you don’t know can kill you. I am not a scientist. I am a Health coach/Mom who’s trying to figure out what the hell happened to the food in the good old USA. It’s dead and gone is what happened. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This list, you might want to save so you can give it to friends, family, co-workers, teachers, anyone that is concerned about the quality of food available in the USA. It’s not good but we’re gonna change that. More on that later.

Foods to completely eliminate and or reduce significantly

If you’re in 4th grade, you can have 1 and then run around.

1)Sugar replace with fruits (ALL ORGANIC raisins, dates, figs, pineapple, apple, cherries, peaches, mango etc)maple syrup, honey, molasses, agave

Do I really have to discuss sugar? Simple fact, if you eat sugar, you have to burn it off or it is stored as fat. And our bodies don’t need any excess sugar. But if you are going to have sugar, eat fruit. Just eat fruit by itself.

2)White Bread swap for organic whole grain breads

I know this is a doozy!!! That just messes up your dining experience. I get it. But maybe it’s time to make stuff at home. If they are serving you a plate of poison, I don’t think you would really want it. I am so sorry. But you know I have a solution sweetheart!! I’ll never leave you out to dry. So go someplace that has sourdough (organic if possible) and order your favorite sandwich on that. Just hold the mayo and cheese use avocado for mayo or veganaise. You can also do hummus with vegetables. OMG it’s so good if you haven’t tried it. The fermentation’s of the dough does something to make it easier to digest. Don’t ask me because I’m not a scientist. Remember I said so earlier.

Other healthy options are organic whole grain bread, sprouted breads such as Alvarado Street Market. Brown Rice Tortillas are awesome!!

3)Processed Corn Products swap for organic Corn Products

This actually breaks my heart how messed up the corn industry is. We had a healthy corn but they got greedy and wanted to mass produce Cheeto’s and corn oil. Now MUCH of the corn GLOBALLY is genetically modified. So unless it’s organic, you’re eating poison corn. I just wouldn’t risk it. Why is autism so high? Kids are eating chemicals. So sorry to bring this up but we must face the truth before it can change. But there is organic corn so we’re not completely lost.

You can find organic masa at sprouts and organic corn products are available at Costco and most grocery stores where I live in Northern California. But you have to let the store manager where you live know what kind of stuff you want them to carry. You should have the right for access to safe food. But it might not be a right. You can also go to your City Council and tell them you have no access to safe healthy food in the stores by your home.

This is a serious issue and I don’t have the answers. But I just want people to know so they will stop eating the poison. And I get exposed myself because sometimes that’s the only food available to me. I don’t like it for myself or any other human. But we have free will and can make choices.

4)Soy Products Organic Only if possible

Honestly if you haven’t tried to make soy milk yet, it’s so easy. But yes it is a little chore. I say get together with friends and make a double batch for you and your mom or whoever. But use organic soy beans. If it’s not organic then it’s GMO Soy Beans which who knows if they are safe or not. The soy left over can be dehydrated into soy flour and other cool things. That’s how they make some of those cool soy chicken. It’s kind of labor intensive but it’s worth it.

5) Sulphites are found in vinegars and processed meats

Again sorry that this is such a pain in the ass. I mean seriously all you want is a salad and now you have to worry about the salad dressing!! Yes sorry that’s the way it is. But hey I won’t let you down. You can have Apple Cider Vinegar. Yea for Apple Cider Vinegar. So you can always carry around a little bottle of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and most restaurants to have olive oil so ask for that and use your ACV. AND PROCESSED MEATS ARE cancerous. I would really try not to eat this meat because of the preservatives and sulfites. Sorry about that, I didn’t make the rules or the food safe to eat.

This may seem like a huge pain. And yes it is. But don’t worry. Everything will be OK. Just start to become more aware of your food choices and options. You can always make changes. A great place to start is with your Dr. so you can make sure to get a diet recommendation for your specific medical condition. We’re all unique so what works for me might not work for you and also you might have to play detective to figure out what’s going on.

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