Meet Dancer Shilly Nakedmoon


Shilly Nakedmoon
What City is home?
Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
What type of dance do you do?
I teach Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and I also can't live without conscious dance practices like 5 rhythms and movement medicine. My dance journey has been a bit of an adventure, from getting kicked out of ballet school for breakdancing when I was young to performing burlesque and erotic striptease!
Who’s your favorite dancer?
Kazuo Ohno is one of the creators of Japanese Butoh Dance. He was very spiritual about his dance and I feel so connected with him, I always think of him as a beautiful flower.
What’s your dream?
To own my own vegan cafe, too run a ritual dance theatre company and for humans to live in harmony with all life on planet earth.
What’s your favorite song?
I giorni by Ludovico Einaudi
What’s one wish you hope comes true?
That humans come together in love to save the planet and it's creatures from extinction.
What is your opinion on wellness?
Everyone is different, so find what makes you feel good and is also kind to the planet and do that! Looking after the planet and your body is the same thing essentially, the earth is our mother after all! So every choice we make that is kind to our body is also being kind to Mother Earth.

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