Meet Dancer Annamária Benkó-Fóthy

Annamária Benkó-Fóthy
What City is home?
Budapest, Hungary
What type of dance do you do?
Tribal Fusion Bellydance
Who’s your favorite dancer?
I have a lots of. Some of them are Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Illan Riviére, Tjarda van Straten and Pinny Orchidaceae.
What’s your dream?
I totally acknowledge who I am now and I enjoy every moment of it. That is why I feel I already live my dream. I love so I am loved. I accept so I am accepted.
What’s your favorite song?
I don't have a favourite song. Usually I try to find beauty in every style.
What’s one wish you hope comes true?
There will be no indifference and lethargy in our world - only sincerity and understanding.
What is your opinion on wellness?
We should listen to our body and this way we will understand what is good to our body and soul. I think in this way we all get closer to our inner peace. Wellness could be a fantastic tool for this.

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