My First Podcast Called Courage To Grow

Valeria Star coloring to chill

I created a podcast with a little encouragement from a friend. I started it a while back but I never recorded anything.

Then my friend, Farrah, published one and I was like, “Oh yeah, I forgot about mine.” Sometimes you just want to talk and not type. It’s only 9 minutes thanks to a phone call I received. I can be a Chatty Cathy. So there’s a bit of a cliff hanger.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. This is officially a labor of love and I hope everyone can find their passions and joy in life.

Singing is my passion. One of them.

Valeria Star on my way to a Birthday Party

Try not to worry too much about stuff. Wash your hands and chill. Drink some water and listen to my podcast or better start your own.

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