Practice and Distraction

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Have you ever been able to do something quite well alone and then decide you are going to share it with a friend only to realize that you are having a great difficulty doing it in front of your friend? This is a common trait especially among musicians. You ask yourself, “How come I can play this piece of music alone but now in front of you, I’m making so many little mistakes?” According to a friend it’s normal anxiety. It’s very annoying to say the least. The solution is to keep practicing alone and not be in a hurry to play for others. All in due time my pretty. Just keep playing alone. And then again alone.

What About Talkers?

Have you ever been practicing piano and someone has the audacity to walk in the room and talk to you? I mean who do they think they are? Or maybe they don’t say anything but you hear their familiar stride on the floor. Then they talk to you. You think, “Is it necessary to talk to me right this second?” Wow it sounds like you want to be left alone. Not really but when one is practicing piano less distractions is better.

And then you realize how professional musicians must be able to shut out the distractions and still keep the music going. It’s just amazing and it really says something about their ability to concentrate and keep playing with all the distractions. They say at some point the muscle memory kicks in and then you can play by memory. One solution to this issue is to keep playing if someone is talking and answer them while playing. Also it depends on how long one has been playing. Sometimes one is ready for a break from piano.

I’m not ready to play in front of anyone.

Do You Like Being Interrupted?

That brings up the bigger question of how you react to being interrupted. Are you rude to the person talking to you? Are you patient and happy to see them? Just know they can be talking to anyone else but they are talking to you so make a little time for them. We all need a little face time every now and then. One day they won’t be around to say hello and then you’ll remember how you brushed them off. Whoa!!! It’s a sad truth. Be nice to those around you because God put you two together for a reason.

Focus on the Light!!

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