Love Classical Music

Do you love classical music? I think it is one of the greatest things ever especially if you’re having a bad day. There is such a thing as music therapy and if you listen to this podcast I discuss music and play an excerpt from the concerto of Bach.

Never forget in the power of dreams. They are waiting for you to spend time with them.

I really wish that more people would listen to good quality music. I think music education is very important and if people can start to take music appreciation classes that would be a great day. The piece of music I play on my podcast in my opinion is very magical because it is such a high vibration piece. you cannot listen to it and be in a bad mood. So I hope you take the opportunity to check it out!!

Also there is a new therapy out called do whatever you want. When do you want to do it and don’t let anyone else tell you what you canning can’t do. Try that for a while and see how it feels. Eat whatever you want sleep whenever you want exercise whenever you want. Just allow yourself to do whatever you wanna do and see what that feels like. Stranger things have happened.

My attempt at Bach!!

Valeria keeping it going in the global pandemic

Wishing everyone a beautiful day and don’t let anyone or anything bring you down. If they start to bring you down walk away.