Christmas Recital 2020

bokeh lights
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Can you believe it’s Christmas time again. Another year almost over. This little elf has been working on this piece of music the majority of 2020. Started in March 2020. It’s so weird how you can play music good sometimes but then also as you practice more you still make mistakes. It’s like such an interesting process. But every once in a while the stars line up with the moon and you end up having a pretty decent performance.

One thing I learned is to never ask a music teacher how you did unless you want the brutal truth. But it’s constructive criticism that you can get better. Because you are just playing to the best of your ability and then they keep you on track because there might be a part where you just really blow it. They can get that section dialed in.

Without further adieu. Here’s my rendition of Minuet 2 by JS Bach short version. This was submitted for a Christmas Recital.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Wishing everyone health and wellness. Be kind to yourself and one another. May peace in your heart stay with you daily. Let’s carry this wonderful Christmas feeling into our lives from now on.

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