Four Pillars of Health

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What are The Four Pillars of Health?

It’s actually pretty basic. If you have been feeling a bit like you need to get your health back on track start with these basic principals.

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What’s your sleep like? A good rule of thumb is to go to bed by 10:00 PM. I know it sounds so early. But it’s something to shoot for. If you like to burn the midnight oil. Maybe try going to bed a half hour earlier. You might also need to turn off your electronics to help you wind down. There’s lots of reasons why we need sleep. So try to get it in. You’ll probably feel better after you get a good night’s sleep. I know if stressed, sleep can seem like a dream but you can do it.

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Oh boy stress and sleep go hand in hand. So stress is the fight or flight response that stays around when you don’t need or want it. A first step towards coping with stress is to practice breathing. You can also do yoga or watch funny movies. You may also want to take a class on stress management. The other thing is you might be traumatized and not realize it. But with some time and patience, you can learn to manage your stress in a productive manner.

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Well I think we all knew that was going to be on the list. But it’s very complex what people eat and why. So before you start getting all freaked out when you think about your diet. Just start to add in more fruits and vegetables. And then start to look at the times you eat and where you eat. There’s so much information on this issue. But you can get your diet in check.

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Exercise is the final pillar of health. So get moving in a way shape or form. You can do it but talk to a doctor first to make sure it’s good for you. Start out with 20 minutes and add on.

Valeria is Health Coach living in Nor Cal. She likes to sing, play piano and play with her puppy.

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