JS Bach Minuet 3 And Happy 336 Birthday

Well it’s safe to say that one can get a little bit obsessed with JS Bach. He has so much music that you can listen to so much and still never hear all of his music. And then you find one you really love and listen to it over and over like the Brandenberg Concerto’s. Anyway not being a musicologist but a little Pianist (my music teacher referred to me as recently), It’s difficult to discuss Bach’s work because it is quite complex and where to start with his work is challenging simply because of the mere volume of his work. Also it starts to feel like a bit of a research paper and I think it’s great for people to do their own research. Because if something interests you, you’re probably going to research it. That’s just life. Now the thought of buying a biography on his life is in my head. I’ve read it on line buy having a book is great too.

So if he was alive today I would be a Bachmaniac so to speak. But in any case I started studying his music a couple of years ago and I am working my way thru one book of his work. So far I have done Prelude 1 in C Major, Bach Minuet1, Bach Minuet 2 and my most recent Bach Minuet 3. It’s been just such a learning experience. And it’s funny how at first something seems so difficult but then the more you practice it, it starts to come together better. But I try to practice each piece everyday because it’s like I want to keep making those neural connections.

Bach Minuet 3 was challenging because of the fingering of both hands. But I definitely could not have done it with out my music teacher. That’s why I feel it’s so important to work with a local music teacher. They can really get you on the right track from the gate. If you try to do it alone, you end up like saying, “Oh I was doing something really weird with my fingers.” You kind of feel like Bugs Bunny when he used to play piano and his fingers would be tied up in a knot. Also I did the short version of this piece because sometimes the second time around is not so good. So do it once thru and your odds of doing it correctly go up.

Well without further adieu, here’s my rendition of Bach Minuet 3. I know it’s not super perfect. It’s like this is where I’m at today and so be it. But it was just a practice session. But it took me so many takes to get this one, I was starting to be like OK good enough. Now if I had professional videographer, it wouldn’t matter because they would just cut it and make it sound good but they probably want a clear audio. So maybe they would say. Just do last line one time thru. OK got it in case you mess up. It’s just fun to record and then maybe one day I will have an audience. That’s the true test of course is to have an audience. And due to the pandemic, we have not been able to perform in public.

JS Bach’s birthday is March 21, 1685 although it’s also says his birthday is March 31, 1685. So Let’s celebrate for 10 days. Something about the calendar that was changed. This is a situation where you need to do your own research because a Musicologist doesn’t write here.