Someone Like You A Recital Performance

Someone Like You from Jekkyl and Hyde the Musical is a beautiful song about love. When my teacher presented this song to me to perform I had never heard it before but I decided to sing it and see how I felt. I eventually fell in love with it. It’s funny how if you do something over and over you eventually love it but at first there are plenty of doubts.

My favorite part is at the end of the song. The lyrics are very powerful the way the music is written. If you have never heard it before now is your chance.

This was recorded a couple of times. The first time I sang it through once and it was very mannequin like. I decided to record it again because I wasn’t happy with the performance at all. There was also a couple of timing issues towards the end.

My teacher gladly recorded me again. She directed me the second time and it was much better. Singing is very difficult is all I’m going to say. Every person can sing but to do it in front of people and get the timing down with lyrics and music is quite challenging.

Music is my therapy. It really helps me to feel much better about everything. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity and ability to do what I do. I hope to keep singing for life and get better and better. But I’ll go ahead and just be grateful for this performance as it is truly a gift from God.

If you ever want to sing, sign up for voice lessons. Trust me the teacher will not judge you but will tell you what you can do to improve. It can come off as criticism maybe but if nobody tells you what you’re doing wrong, how will you ever know? They do want you to sound your best because they just do.

I hope you enjoy this performance. I love the song and I hope you do too. I really would love to see Jekyl & Hyde someday but we will see.