Recital 2022 Unexpected Song and Minuet in G major by JS Bach

It’s that time of year to have a recital. Well actually the recital was in June of this year. So this is a little bit of a late post.

The first piece was Compose by JS Bach and it is called minuet in G major. At the actual recital it was not a perfect performance as this is the first time Valeria Star played In front of a live audience which was a difficult transition from playing in the comfort of your own home for us is playing in front of a live audience. This is a piece that was performed at the recital.

The vocal performance was a song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber play called Song and Dance. The name of this song is called Unexpected Song. You can hear the baby crying in the background and the video quality is a little bit far away but nonetheless this is what happens with live performances.

Valeria Star Sings


Keep practicing and keep sharing the things that you love. Things may not be perfect but what is perfect?