After working years in one of the largest law enforcement department’s in CA, Valerie knew it was time to make some much needed changes to her life. After working many hours sitting down and looking at a computer screen  She began her journey to wellness by becoming a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor in 2008.  She began teaching yoga and enjoyed it but knew there was more that needed to be done.  She decided to become a Health and Wellness Coach after seeing many of her peers die during their career or die shortly after retirement.  It saddened her to know that people were suffering unnecessarily and the idea of a Blog was born as her effort to spread her positive message about how to live a healthy balanced life and how to heal yourself.
Along with yoga, Valerie enjoys all different types of fitness from hiking to ball room dancing, belly dancing, tap dancing along with Ballet Barre training.  She has many many certifications in different formats such as Les Mills Body Flow, CX Worx.  Valerie believes that it is essential to do different things so as to not become complacent.  Dancing has really been the cornerstone to her fitness.  Valerie began dancing at the age of 8 and studied ballet for 5 years, tap dancing and jazz for 4 years.  As an adult dancing has really awakened the fire within her to go after the life she wants.
Valerie is passionate about Organic skin care, body care and essential oils.  It gives her great pleasure to make natural cleansers and fragrances that can be made for a fraction of the cost to purchase them.
Valerie’s dream is for Enlightenyourlives.com to be your go to sight for information that will assist you on your journey to wellness.