Homemade Sleep Lotion To Induce A Restful Slumber

Originally published on Naturallivingideas.com on March 21, 2019 By Jamie Larrison

Homemade Sleep Lotion To Induce A Restful Slumber

Sleep can be hard to come by for some of us. With about 9 million Americans popping pills for better sleep at night, insomnia has become a major issue. And that’s not including the millions of Americans who have difficulty sleeping and aren’t taking sleeping pills. This sleepy time lotion though uses a relaxing blend of essential oils and magnesium to calm the mind and promote restful sleep.

Magnesium for Better Sleep

Magnesium is necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including nerve transmission and function. Without adequate levels of this mineral, insomnia or general restlessness can often result. Magnesium is naturally occurring in certain foods, however due to soil depletion, sugar consumption and poor diet, the majority of us don’t have enough.

Applying magnesium topically on the skin is a good way to supplement, as only 30-40% of consumed magnesium is actually absorbed by the body. Homemade magnesium oil is known to sting the skin a little, especially on the first few applications. By combining this with coconut oil though, it further moisturizes the skin and helps prevent the characteristic stinging.

You can make your own magnesium oil using our simple recipe here and we also have a great recipe for making your own magnesium rich sleep spray here.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Citrus essential oils are known to be uplifting and invigorating, so you may be surprised to see one used in a sleepy time lotion. Mandarin essential oil however has been shown to promote restful sleep. It’s commonly used with children, making this lotion a good option for all ages.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most popular and most studied essential oils, lavender is well regarded for its ability to relax and calm. It’s also one of the most gentle oils and frequently used for young children. A review of essential oils for sleep was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The researchers found that lavender was the most studied essential oils for sleep issues, and no adverse events were reported.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage is similar to lavender in its effects, though the smell is often described as more pungent. This essential oils is calming and sedating to the nervous system, and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Anxiety and nervousness can impede a healthy night’s sleep, making clary sage the perfect antidote.

Homemade Sleepy Time Lotion



  • Small bowl
  • Blender
  • Rubber spatula
  • Sauce pan or small pot


  1. Place the magnesium flakes into a small bowl. Heat the water or hydrosol until it’s simmering, then pour this over the magnesium. Stir the mixture for several minutes, or until thoroughly dissolved.
  2. Place the coconut oil and beeswax into a saucepan, then melt over very low heat just until completely melted and combine.
  3. Pour the oil mixture into the blender, and put it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. You want the oil to be opaque, firmer, and about the consistency of mayo. Don’t let it get hard!
  4. Turn the blender onto medium speed, and very slowly drizzle in the magnesium water while the blender or mixer is running. Continue mixing the ingredients for about 30 seconds after all of the magnesium water has been added.
  5. Use the spatula to scrape the lotion into the glass jar. Store away from direct light and heat.

How To Use The Sleepy Time Lotion

  • Apply this lotion liberally before bedtime.
  • It works even better if applied to the torso or feet.
  • The coconut oil may take a while to sink into the skin, so apply at least 10 minutes before hopping under the covers to avoid greasy sheets.

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Mean People are Grown Up Toddlers

Mean people can be scary.

Have you ever had to interact with mean people? If you are alive you undoubtedly have had the experience of someone being mean or giving you a dirty look for no reason. The examples are endless. From the woman looking you up and down at the grocery store to your boss that is frustrated with life. It happens.

Have you ever been around a 2 year old that is just screaming his head off for no reason whatsoever. Just full on crying. Usually it’s a family party and you realize, the child did not have their regular nap, ate a bunch of sugar and was running around all day with friends and is just exhausted. As a parent, you would take your child to a quiet place, give them something to eat and drink, give them a hug and just hold them and comfort them while they cry. Usually within 20 minutes or so they will be sound asleep or comfortable in their pajamas with a snack and ready for bed.

Sweet baby got some comfort.

Same thing goes for adults. If you are sleep deprived, haven’t been eating properly, drink a lot of caffeine, add a little hang over and adults act just like toddlers. Only difference is that adults know how to control their impulses a little bit. So they can’t walk around screaming their kids off and throw themselves on the floor. So instead they just become very angry and hold it inside until they explode to the point of being mean and nasty to others. It’s really sad when they are mean to strangers but they honestly don’t know what to do with their anger.

Have a cup of calming tea to calm down. It’s easy peasy.

So that my dear is how people get mean. If this was my husband or wife acting like this. I’d say, “Get over here and get your butt in this bath tub right now.” Throw in some epsom salt, essential oils and baking soda. “You also need a big bowl of hot soup and a cup of calming tea. Here’s a warm robe and socks. Do you want a blanket now or after you eat? OK here’s your favorite music and book, go lie down tuck them in and say rest sweetie pie. I’m here for you but you need to calm down.”

Then I would suggest that they go to yoga,breathe and relax. Listen spa music and watch only comedies and no war movies, video games or anything else that’s going to agitate them. Hopefully they will calm down and realize they were just tired and need a good long rest.

Young woman lying on the bed at home

Well if you don’t have anyone to do that for you. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You can do it. After all NOBODY LIKES A SCREAMING TODDLER. EVEN THE PARENTS WANT TO PULL THEIR HAIR OUT. So do us all a favor AND RELAX SWEETIE PIE. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Valeria is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She encourages everyone to practice self care and relax so you can enjoy life. She also encourages everyone to follow their passion as that is where you will find your joy. And remember you don’t have to be perfect to do something. Just keep calm and practice, practice, practice. Here’s Valerie following her passion.

Get Healthy Without Food

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Many think that whenever it comes to being healthier than it must involve food. While food is definitely important, it’s usually a process to make changes regarding food. So here are some things to consider that do not involve food.

  1. Take a breath to the count of 3,4 or 5. That’s it. Exhale and just feel your body relaxing with each exhale. It doesn’t have to be a big production, you don’t even have to tell anyone your doing it but while your at it, give a little thanks for clean air.
  2. Walk tall: Do you realize how many people only dream about being able to walk? Give thanks to your body for giving you the strength and privilege to be able to walk. A 10 minute walk can do wonders for depression, mental health. Just breathe and walk… Hey do 1 and 2 together. Now we’re multi tasking. If you have pain while walking, maybe a good time to visit the doctor to find out what’s the problem.
  3. Think for one minute about what your favorite song is. This is the song (old or new) that you know the words to the song and you hear it and it just makes you happy. For me it would be Dance Sister Dance by Santana but what’s your favorite song? All you have to do is listen to that song and breathe. Hey if you want you can do 1, 2 and 3 together and you will be a triple threat… But you can listen in the car or shower or wherever you feel like listening to it is cool!! But a triple threat will be cool!!
  4. Feel grateful for whatever you want to acknowledge. If you can walk and talk and breathe, be grateful. How about being grateful for this life that you have been given. Life can be hard but believe it or not, you are a miracle and there is nobody else exactly like you. The mold was broken and you are a beautiful soul. Even if you have done terrible things, your soul is still good. Your body just did some stuff but your soul is pure light.
  5. Have you ever day dreamed? You know just think about whatever wonderful little thing you love or a fantasy that you would love to have come true. Spend a little time dreaming about anything you want but if you want to integrate all 5 concepts. Breathing, walking, listening to your favorite song and while you are at it be grateful that you can day dream. Pretend you are a super hero and everywhere you go it’s just easy breezy and you have cool super powers. What would that feel like for you? If you want to write about it, do it but not any pressure. This is fun stuff. But writing it down would be super cool!!
Maybe just hang out and relax. This looks heavenly!!

In the spirit of not giving you more than you can chew, we’re going to end this so you can go on and practice. In the words of my music teacher, Keep Calm and Practice, Practice, Practice.

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach that lives In Nor Cal. She encourages everyone to find their passion and enjoy life. Valerie wishes to sleep in a tee pee one day. But she’s not the camping type right now. Maybe one day she will find her tribe. Dreaming of my tribe. Donde estas?

What The Heck is a Neutral Pelvis?

Young woman lying on the bed at home

After years of working at a desk and experiencing pain in my back after working out, I decided that it was time to dial things way back and go back to the basics of Pilates. I was feeling like my muscles were not evenly balanced and I was experiencing pain in my upper neck and back AGAIN. My right side was dominant and in an effort to get things balanced again, I took a break from working out. I had to allow my muscles to relax and then gradually build them back up. No Pain No Gain is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard and at this point in my life pain free mobility is gold.

Not super exciting but Neutral Pelvic tilt will stop a lot of problems

What is Neutral Pelvis?

From the book Simply Pilates By Jennifer Polman, The pelvis is the junction between the torso and the legs to which various muscles attach for movement and stabilizing purposes. When the pelvis tilts forward or backward the curve of the lower back will change. Current spinal health research indicates that the natural curves of the spine should be maintained during exercise in order to strengthen the muscles essential to postural support. The correct positioning of the pelvis is crucial to maintaining this natural spinal shape. Neutral Pelvis is achieved when the pelvic bones tilt neither way, but simply rest where hip and back muscles can remain fairly relaxed. The easiest way of finding this position is to recognize that your public bone and hip bones ( silica crests) all form a parallel level with the floor when lying on your back. (These bones should be aligned in the same plant when the body is in any position.) Neutral pelvis is the ideal position in which to strengthen the dee abdominals.



Strong abdominals are more important to you than achieving a “six-pack.”  Good quality movement while preventing spinal injury begins by working the muscles from the inside out.  This means refining the action of the abdominal muscles so that you can work the deeper layers responsible for maintaining “core stability.  To target this area you need to focus on the drawing in and up of the lower abdomen-between the public bone and navel.  Imagine zipping up the abdominals starting from the pubic bone, as if you’re zipping up tight jeans!  Use pelvic floor muscles and flatten and tighten the abdominals toward the floor, without actually disturbing your Neutral Pelvis.  Try not to tense up the gluteal muscles (buttocks).  Imagine that your whole navel and waist area is shrinking as though held in a corset.  During a pilates session an instructor would typically describe this action as “scooping, drawing in or pressing the navel to the spine” in order to ensure the deeper layers of abdominals are strengthened.  

Valerie back again

If you still don’t get it next time you take a pilates class, ask the instructor if she can explain it to you. Also you have to maintain the neutral spine when you do all of the exercises and that means you probably have to slow down a lot and get back to the real basics because your muscles can get weak with the quickness if you’re not paying attention.

Also if you watch TV, lie on the floor and watch it on a yoga mat. Use pillows to support your neck and roll around like a kid. Next time your tired lay on the floor and remember your practicing neutral spine so you are exercising. XOXO Don’t feel guilty for lying down. You deserve a rest beautiful. Great thing to think about on your day off from the gym or if you’re just starting out this is MANDATORY BABY!!

This is a real simple breathing exercise to get you started. You might want to print this out and read it every time you get into this position. You will need to practice OVER AND OVER. Sorry about that. Also make sure your Dr. gives you the OK to exercise.

Simple Breathing Exercise

  1. Lie on back, knees bent, heels opposite sitting bones, hands resting on lower abs
  2. Inhale to prepare, exhale engage pelvic floor and draw in and up of your lower abs…zip them up like a tight pair of jeans. Also pretend you drank a big coffee and glass of water and you need to hold it in. Yikes!!! But relax your glutes (buttocks)
  3. Inhale into your ribs and feel your ribs going to the sides. Your abs are engaged so no air is going to your belly. It’s going sideways in your ribcage. (Ribcage and shoulders stay on the floor)
  4. Exhale for 4-5 counts allowing chest and ribs to fall while drawing in lower abs. (Remember keep your mouse house)
  5. Head, neck and gluteal muscles are relaxed.
  6. If you experience pain then you probably want to tell your Dr. where you have pain. Pain is the way the body tells you something ain’t cool.

You’ll get strong really fast if you just do this. For now I have to read a book and do what it says to do. Sometimes instructors leave out a key set up cue and it will throw you off and then it’s easy to get injured. I say take your time and do the moves very deliberately. Also don’t be afraid to allow your muscles to relax and recover and then rebuild them up the right way. I do recommend the book above but that’s up to you.

That’s all for today sweetie pies. I know it’s not easy to do this stuff but if you don’t do it for yourself, who will? PS: TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR PHONE. Your neck says thank you. XOXO I know because I had to as well.

Valerie is a Health Coach living in Northern California. She’s recuperating after a LONG CAREER. She shares her discoveries and encourages everyone to take good care of themselves. She believes as you heal yourself, you heal the planet. Here’s her journey.

Dear Men, I’m Sorry You Can’t Cry

topless man reading book while seating at beach

Photo by Martin Péchy on Pexels.com

Males have always had a big impact on my life.  I have three older brothers and a Father and I also worked in probably the most masculine of career fields on the planet which was in a State Prison Facility.  Talk about masculine energy.

The men I know are very strong physically and mentally.  They are wildly creative and were athletic and hulk strong.  I could write a bunch of stories about their strength but that’s not the point of this writing.

black and white people bar men

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

While working in law enforcement there was always this thing about being prepared for the unexpected.  Being ready for whatever happened and making sure to stay strong physically.  Physical training was essential and just a lot of ego and strength.

One thing I started to see was that when men would get hurt emotionally, they would take it very hard.  Most of the time the way they dealt with their pain was just to not discuss it, stay strong and suffer in silence.  If I knew of a man who got a divorce or had some losses, in general they had a bit of a hard time bouncing back.

Then there is this whole thing about how “Real Men Don’t cry,”  “Suck it up buttercup” and other slogans that encourage you to be strong and persevere through difficult times. But sometimes things are difficult and the if men get sad and depressed they often have a difficult time expressing themselves.  Maybe they cry but it’s not typical behavior.  In fact  I don’t think I ever really saw my brothers cry.  Maybe if they got hurt really bad but just not a lot of male crying. Me on the other hand was crying every time the wind blew.  I would cry over the way they would talk to me or if they would say something mean, I would cry.

adult dark depressed face

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s one of those things that men just don’t want to deal with but there can be negative consequences of holding in your feelings.  Side effects of not crying here.  Here are some benefits of crying.  

This suffering in silence is a real problem.  So what do you do if you have a problem but you can’t discuss it?  What happens?  In general it seems to me that not discussing an issue doesn’t solve anything and in fact can make things worse.  It’s like covering a something really stinky with a pretty blanket.  You won’t see it but you will smell it.  Until you get that blanket, take it off and shine some light on the problem will you be able to get rid of that problem.  And sometimes it takes professional help to be able to get yourself right.  There’s not an easy answer.

So yeah men, I’m really sorry that it can be difficult to express your emotions.  Art is a great way to express yourself, meditation and hiking. And don’t ever forget the benefits of silence.

Anyway I just wanted to apologize that things are the way they are and you can always feel free to cry.  It will be OK.  It’s amazing how much better you feel after a good cry. Then you’ll be ready for a brand new day.

man sitting on edge facing sunset

Photo by Abhiram Prakash on Pexels.com

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California.  She believes that as you heal yourself, you heal the planet.




From Blogger to Plogger

A blogger is someone who writes a Web Log which has been shortened to Blogger.  I initially started the Blog because I was very concerned for many of my co workers and American Citizens who I had seen become ill and die from stress related issues such as suicide and also many of my old co workers died at a young age from heart disease and just not waking up in the morning.  They were dying too young.  I thought as a Health Coach that starting a Blog would be a great way to share my knowledge.  You see I myself was on a dangerous path.pexels-photo-262218.jpeg

I was very anxious, stressed and I knew if I didn’t get a grip on things, I too would have a shortened life.  Being a Mom, I knew that my daughter needed me to get a grip.  So I decided to learn what I needed to do to heal myself.  I am still on my journey.  I still do experience stress and get depressed at times.  I am a human and we have a wide range of emotions and experiences.

I was born in the 60’s and when I was a child I remember seeing those commercials that said, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute.  Never be a dirty bird.”  I really took that to heart and knew that pollution was a bad thing because I did not want to be a “dirty bird.”  So it kind of just stayed with me.  But I wasn’t radical about it.  I just recycled and didn’t litter intentionally.

Fast forward to 2017 and I realized that there is a Great Pacific Garbage Patch 3 times the size of France.  There is just too much pollution and it’s killing Flipper, Dory, Nemo and too many other marine life for me to mention.  The worst part is that much of this plastic has broken down into micro-plastic and now the fish eat that and so if you eat fish, you are eating micro plastic too.  That is very unappealing to me.  It really pisses me off because I would love to be eating some fish and chips but I can’t enjoy it when I think that I am eating plastic.  So now I don’t eat fish for that reason but that’s not the only one.  So now that kind of pisses me off.  I’m not going to lie and say that I’m happy about not being able to enjoy seafood.  But it’s OK, I don’t need seafood to survive.


But the Marine Life needs a clean home.  Imagine how you would feel it someone dumped a whole bunch of trash on your front yard, back yard and everywhere you walked there was plastic and then it choked your kid because your kid didn’t know and your child died.  You would be mad AF. And sad!!  Well that’s basically what we are doing to the Marine Life.  They have been on the planet for thousands of years happily enjoying the food chain.

Now they aren’t doing so well.  But luckily The Ocean Clean Up is going to clean the Pacific Ocean starting in 2018.  Thank you so much for starting with the Pacific Ocean.  So now if they are cleaning up this trash from the ocean the last thing we need to be doing is adding more trash to it.  So I decided to do my part which is where the Plogging comes in.

Plogging is jogging and picking up trash.  I don’t jog but I walk and pick it up.  There is no shortage of trash.  It is literally everywhere.  Look around wherever you live.  And I can fill up 4 bags in an hour walk.  I carry as much as I can and then throw it away.  I wear gardening gloves, hiking shoes, hat and I will go behind bushes, go in water ways, hike, go in the streets, anywhere I see it, I will get it.  I kind of consider myself a plastic hunter.  It’s actually fun.  It feels good to get that plastic and put it in its proper place.  But the really cool thing is that I am going to recycle what I can and donate it to the ocean cleanup.

I have to admit I’ve just started doing this because usually I just put it in the Blue Trash Bin and I’m done with it.  But now I want to help out The Ocean Clean Up.  So I haven’t recycled anything yet.  But I’m close to taking it down to the recycling center and getting paid.  I’m sure it won’t be that much.  But I don’t care if it’s $1.00.  Every little bit adds up.

So that is how I went from Blogger to Plogger.  That’s just one of the hats I wear.  My gosh how many hats can one person wear?  But I will say that I need help.  If you are reading this, please for the sake of our planet and future generations, join me in Plogging.  I understand if you are too busy and can’t do it.  I totally get it.  The other things you can do are:

  1. Don’t drink anything from plastic bottles.  It’s bad for you and the planet
  2. Refuse straws!!!!
  3. Take a coffee cup with you when you get coffee
  4. Take a bag with you to the grocery store.
  5.  Donate to me so I can continue to share this message.
  7. Eat Fruits and Vegetables, nuts, beans, grains that are not in plastic (glass is fine.)

That’s not too much to ask is it.  And here’s the best part.  Once you start doing this you become an Official Earth Angel.  And because you are now an Earth Angel, you start having amazingly good luck.  Good things will just start coming to you.  But you have to do a little effort on your part.  The other thing you can do if you cannot muster the strength to do any of the above is that you can share this message with people who are like minded.  You know we all have that friend that’s a little crazy for Mother Earth.  Send this article to them.  You’ll still be an Earth Angel.  We just have to do what we can.

Here’s a short video of my puppy Amber and us Plogging.  She loves Plogging.  Please watch here.

Thank you for being Canonized as an Earth Angel.  Just get ready for lots of blessings dear.  Also please follow my Blog and Subscribe to my Youtube channel.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just traumatized

pexels-photo-54379.jpegMany people think that in order to have been traumatized emotionally that you must have been through a war, killed someone, been the victim of physical or sexual abuse.  Kidnapping is another horrible event that would leave any person traumatized.

Maybe you have never been through any of those events but you can still be traumatized.  First off I am not a Dr.  So please don’t get all scientific on me right away.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of experience with traumatic events.  Well I have been traumatized many times during my life.  Too many to really count all of the times.  And I was never in a war or killed anyone.  But I experienced traumatic events daily at work as a Peace Officer.  Not all of them were physical.  Many of them were something I read about.  Reading about crimes repeatedly can do damage to your psyche.  Your brain does not realize that it did not happen to you.  It just knows that it’s processing it.


Let’s also just say right away that many people are in denial about their trauma.  There is a real stigma to being traumatized.  You are damaged goods, crazy, something is wrong with you etc.  These are all of the stereotypes about people who have been traumatized.

So perhaps you did not work at a prison and just have a relatively peaceful life.  But maybe someone died in your family or you lost a pet.  A relationship ends suddenly.  All of these events even though they are routine such as death, are all traumatic events.  So people have to learn how to process the grief that they have been through.


People think it’s so easy to just leave it in the past, let it go, move on, keep going, shut up and just get over it.  Well grief doesn’t work that way.  It needs to go through a process.  You know the 5 stages of grief: denial,depression, anger, bargaining and finally acceptance.

I tell you what going through the grief process is very difficult.  You really need a strong support system and kind, loving people who will be supportive of what you are going through.  But sometimes people act out and then they don’t get help and self medicate.  They end up rude alcoholics, drug addicts, rage monsters, assholes, sex addicts and  porn addicts.  Yikes that’s a lot.

Well I do have some good news and actually it’s kind of a short cut to the healing process.  I always like to figure out the fastest way to do something.  And the easiest way to get through this is to just accept what happened.  Get to the point where you can just say yes it happened, I am sorry it happened, I accept that it happened but now it’s time to rise above that.  What is the lesson and what can I do to get better?  Also the hardest part is forgiving the person or institution that harmed you.


Then that’s where the real work starts.  Support groups, self-reflection, counseling, crying, feeling your feelings.  Nobody wants to do it because it’s difficult.  But once you get to the other side, you’re like that wasn’t so bad.  And you get really strong.  But you must have a support system.  If you are estranged from your family, go to a church and start making positive connections with people.

Also remember, everyone is dealing with some bull shit.  So don’t think you are the only one.  You are so not alone and people want to help you.  You might have to turn off the TV and the phone.  Just reach out to someone.  A friend, pastor, cop, hospital, teacher, nurse, Dr.   Find out what is available to you and also there are a ton of resources on-line.  You don’t have to stay stuck dear one.  But you must begin the work to heal.  And I am sorry it’s not beautiful at first.  But it is so worth it.
Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach and yoga Instructor.  She lives in Northern California with her daughter and puppy.  Learn how Valerie is coping here.

Difficulty Slowing Down

geranium-wave-water-rings-55813.jpegAre you stressed out and need to calm down?  But then once you get yourself to that time and space that you should be able to relax, then your mind just won’t shut off.  And if it goes on, unchecked and if you have a poor diet, you will most likely experience anxiety and it could turn into a disorder.

But if you don’t have anxiety yet and want to prevent it, then relaxation can be very beneficial.  Especially if you have any kind of injury, then you need to just rest and recover.  But no we want to keep going.  We don’t want to slow down because then that will somehow mean that we gave up.  As I am writing this, I am describing how difficult it is for me to slow down.

tired office worker

You see after working 26 years in a career that was high stress, it takes a while to slow down.  And even as a trained yoga instructor, who should allegedly know better, I still have difficulty slowing down and so I can only imagine for most people it can be very difficult.  Some people are really good at relaxing.  They can fall asleep fast and sleep until they are well rested which is a gift. ( I hope you recognize that gift, if this is you.)

But our culture doesn’t really support the concept of slowing down.  I mean we have to do well in school.  This is so we can get a job to support ourselves and maybe our families assuming that men and women will still be able to produce children in the future with the current state of health in the US.

Our culture supports working and also there is just too much to be done.  Especially if you are a parent.  You must carve out some time for you.

So the concept of slowing down and just focusing on relaxing is an unusual concept which I am allowing myself this time.  I am noticing that it is super important to just stretch and relax a lot.  Also to recognize something that’s causing stress.  Maybe it’s a horrible song on the radio and it’s causing you jaw tension, change that shit with the quickness.val_edited-9208

Also there has to be the concept of good enough.  At some point, your workout has to be good enough.  Hey you hit all the major groups and stretched, you’re good.  There is no need to run 10 miles and do 100 push ups.  If you are not training for an event then allow yourself healing.  And many of us need to heal.  The body recovers when it rests.  When you sleep and eat healthy and relax.

Again meditation just has to be a part of it.  I know it’s the big M word that nobody wants to do but it works.  Or call on your higher power and ask for help.  Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are super powerful and they will help you but you must remember to ask.  Of course you can always call on Jesus, Buddha or whatever concept your higher power represents, just call on it.  Relax, pray or meditate.  Then after that things seem much more manageable.  Don’t forget how Jesus went to the desert for 3 days to fast and pray.  (Is that correct? My biblical stories aren’t very good. My point is that Jesus meditated and I know some Christians that have resistance to meditation.  But if Jesus did it, then what’s the problem?)val_edited-9220

You can choose to see the stress and drama but then release it as soon as possible.  You can minimize the stress by how you choose to look at it.  Again turn it around to gratitude as soon as you can.  If you are feeling weak in your legs, immediately think, “Thank you for my legs, that I can walk.”  And if you really want to be a warrior, say, “Thank you for my strong legs.”  Speak that of what you want to happen.

You are stronger than you know but you have to learn to connect to your higher power.  Otherwise it can be difficult if you try to rely on yourself and do everything.  You’re good but everyone needs help!!

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach.  She lives in Northern California with her daughter and puppy.  Please feel free to email her here.

Have a Plan if You are Freaking Out

awake guyHave you ever woke up in the morning with so much to do that you don’t even know where to get started.  Your thoughts include, “I  have to put away the dishes, and then take a shower, get ready for work and after work take my kid to the Dr. And that project is due and I have to work with that bitch I can’t stand.  I wonder if my boss really hates me?” You lie there thinking these thoughts over and over and meanwhile the clock is going tick tock tick tock and you’re not getting anything done.

And if it’s your day off then the to do list is just a little different but you’re still thinking about all the chores and what are you going to make for breakfast and it can begin to drive you a little nutty.

And sometimes the thoughts have to do with the thoughts.  “Why am I thinking this?  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I sick?  What does it mean when I feel pressure on my chest?”  On and on and on.

Well guess what?  These thoughts will not just go away by osmosis.  But what also won’t go away are all of the plans you have and things you want to do.  So what you have to do is have a plan when you wake up with all of thoughts that are somewhat paralyzing.

You can just say yeah yeah to the thoughts.  And tell them what Scarlett O Hara said in Gone With the Wind,  “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”   The trick is that you have to have a plan.  You just have to get up and start your day.  Now if it’s 2:00 AM and you went to bed at midnight and you are waking up, you might not want to get up.  But if you went to bed at 10 and it’s 4:00 AM, well guess what, it’s time to start your day.  That’s right.  Get your ass up out of bed and make it.

When you wake up early and everyone else is asleep, this is the hour that God is calling you.  It is the time when everyone else is asleep and it’s quiet.  When you wake up early it is the perfect time for meditation and yoga.  It’s also in the rhythm with the natural circadian rhythm of our bodies.  Our bodies naturally want to wake up early.  They also want to go to sleep when it’s dark.

Because we have only had electricity within the last 100 plus years, our bodies have not really adjusted to it.  We’re still hard wired like our ancestors.  Which means we rise when the sun does and we go to sleep when the sun goes down.

So our bodies get out of sync and that’s when the anxiety starts up because our body is warning us that we are pushing ourselves too hard.  But you can turn it around.

You have to treat yourself like you are a baby. Which is a perfect time to read an article on how to properly care for yourself here.

This is a super quick post.  But I am kind of just being really short with this post because to be honest, I can write quite a bit and it seems like people have short attention spans and just want the info really quick.  So I am just getting this out fast.

So do people like information really fast and direct or do they prefer lots of detail.  That’s the question.  Please feel free to let me know.  Because I really would love some input.  That’s me asking for help.  Because when you need help, PLEASE ASK!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie is a Yoga Instructor and a  Health and Wellness Coach.  She lives in Northern California with her daughter and puppy.  Please contact her here.


Fight For your Right to Dream

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This time of year it’s very popular to make changes with New Year’s Resolutions and all.  We have great expectations but when it comes time to actually implementing those changes or intentions.  That’s when the difficulty comes in.  I mean you are already super busy with a jam- packed schedule, so how on earth can you find time for one more thing?

newton's law

This answer is that something has got to leave your schedule or you just have to make that new thing a priority.  Meaning that you do it first before you do that other thing.  Now maybe you like to get on social media.  So make a little agreement with yourself that before you even think about pushing that little Blue square with an f on it that you will do that priority.  After you have done you’re “priority”, you can f away.  I mean get on the blue f as much as you want.

I think the morning routine is an essential part to having a great day.  If you wake up and do some stretches or yoga, breathing, praying or simply have some quiet time for positive affirmations before you start doing all of the stuff to get ready, you can have a much happier day.  So that’s where that blue f comes into play.  This means don’t f your day away.

Other things may have to give in order for you to make your priority.  Maybe you’ll have to take some time off of work in order to give yourself that time.  Is that the end of the world? HELL NO.  Trust me when you are on your death-bed, you’re not going to think, “I should have worked more.”  You might think, I’m glad I followed my heart and my passions.  But you have to fight for your dreams and passions.  (Think of Twisted Sister here: “You’ve got to fight for your right to dre am”).  Yeah that was me singing there.  But you have to be fierce with it.  You have to just say you know what, I’m going to do this and nothing is going to stop me.  Not laundry, not dishes, not TV, not work(don’t get fired though), not your spouse or partner, not your kids. But if you can rearrange things a little bit, I’m sure you can find the time to pursue your dreams.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister i.e. the big hair band of the 80’s that sang Fight For Your Right to Party

This is my quick story with this.  So as a Yoga Instructor, you would think I would be doing yoga everyday and just be super flexible and bendy.  Well last year, I wasn’t.  Life can get in the way.  And it can be difficult to just pull out that yoga mat.  But when I knew I was going to do a dance performance.  I knew that I need to get flexible AF and fast.  So what I did was got my phone, put it on stop watch and did 2 full sun salutes.  It took 6 minutes.  I just decided that every morning before work I was going to give myself 6 minutes for yoga.  And it did help me to get flexible.  I was able to do the splits, believe it or not.    But in any case it all started with me just giving myself 6 minutes in the morning.


2017 not bad for 49 but my daughter snapped this picture fast because I was not enjoying  this. 

Remember Newton’s first law of motion, “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  So you have to be that unbalanced force and mix things up a little bit.

And it can be scary to change things up because you are letting go of the old way of doing things.  But in no time, those old habits will just be a thing of the past and you can go on with your life knowing that you were able to make one small change.  The next step is to decide  what else you would like to change.

Valerie is a Yoga Instructor and a Health and Wellness Coach. She lives in Northern California with her daughter and puppy.  You may contact her at estrella.valerie@yahoo.com.

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