How To Freshen Clothes After Being Around People

Have You Been Around People and Feel Unclean?

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First of all this is not based on scientific evidence. It’s something I started doing because it just makes common sense and it makes my clothes smell great and it gives me a great sense of comfort. This in no way takes the place of laundering clothes, washing hands and social distancing. But it might make you feel better if someone not wearing a mask sneezed or coughed around you. Be advised this has not been tested and not sure what the outcome will be on clothes.

What you need to make:

  • Spray Bottle (you can use any old body spray bottle) can be anywhere from 2-8 ounce. Remember you have to carry around with you so you don’t want something too big to weigh you down
  • alcohol (may use vodka if you don’t have alcohol)
  • essential oil (lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon) You can use whatever kind of essential oil you have but these listed are cleansing. The alcohol should clean virus and the essential oil is like icing on the cake.
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How to Make?

  • Pour alcohol in spray bottle not all the way to the top.
  • add essential oil . It’s hard to say how much to add because I’m not sure what size bottle you’re using. But I’m not scientific about it. Since it’s going on your clothes it’s not as critical as if you are putting on skin. Use your common sense. I add until I can smell the essential oils. If you can’t smell it after spraying then you need to add more essential oils. A little goes a long way. Start with a few drops and add accordingly..
  • Put lid on and spray

How to Use?

The uses are endless. But say you just went to the store and you are wearing mask and eye protection and maybe face shield. But after you get outside and before you get in your car, you can spray it all over. Start with spraying all around you and walking into mist. Spray on front and back of body and don’t forget shoes.

If you work and after you get to your desk, spray everywhere. Let it just evaporate. If you want to clean, go ahead but justspraying on there should do something. I would spray around public bathrooms.

Not sure if this works

But it sure does smell good and unless you have allergies, it should be harmless. But use at your own risk. And whether or not this actually does anything remains to be seen but it sure does make me feel better and at this point, that’s all that matters.

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Thanks for keeping it clean. Doesn’t it just feel better when things smell fresh and clean? Make this and spray it everywhere. If you walk into an area and it smells gross get away as fast as you can (why) because those particles entered your nose in order to smell. So that’s why you don’t want to be around stinky smells. Spray that and then go in. Another nice thing you can do is spray this in your mask and then put on because some face masks just don’t smell so good. But don’t huff the hand spray. Let it air out before you put on.

If you dine out spray this before you enter any room to let anything settle down and wipe off table with wipes and stay home if you’re sick.

THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL COMMON SENSE BUT NOT EVALUATED BY ANYONE….Maybe you have something that works just as good or better. Thanks for using and share this with those you care about or share your own concoction. This is about helping each other out during this time. Let’s just relax and keep it clean and social distance, wear masks and wash your hands. Respect people and wear a mask or stay away from them. RESPECT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! OK Bye

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Going Zero Waste

Originally Published on  on November 7 2017 By Kathryn

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Going Zero WasteI wasn’t entirely sure what to call this post, because it’s more of a timeline. I get so many people asking me, what are the next steps after tackling the top 10 swaps?

Living a zero waste lifestyle, isn’t like moving through a timeline. It’s more of a choose your own adventure. Which is a pretty vague answer.

I’ve come up with an outline of a step-by-step zero waste process, but it by no means has to go in this order. You can go in any direction you like, but for some that are struggling with next steps, I hope this helps!

step one: awareness

The first step is being aware of the problem. If you’re on my blog, I’m assuming that you’re aware of the problem. Long story short – we make too much trash.

Check out this post about the recycling myth and this one about the problem with plastic.

step two: phase out

This is all about using what you already have. If you’re anything like me, when I started going zero waste I had backups of lots of personal care items. I had a lot of paper towels, napkins, tissues, and other single-use disposable items. I had a pantry full of food, some of which was regularly passed over for more desirable items.

I had a lot of things that weren’t being used or serving a purpose in my life. I started to phase those items out. I started using what I had, instead of purchasing new. I intentionally planned meals to use up the odd items in the pantry with a vow to make better purchases in the future.

For more information on what to do with your old plastic when you’re going plastic free, check out this post.

step three: simple swaps

As you’re phasing out old items, look to replace some of them with reusable items. The first place I tell everyone to start with is the big four.

When looking to purchase reusable items, make sure to check the second hand market first! But, most importantly make sure that what you’re buying is going to last you for a very long time.

I’m always amazed that for every disposable item there is a reusable alternative.

Make sure you’re making a good purchase that you’re 100% satisfied with. Don’t buy something immediately. Take some time and think about it so you make the best purchase possible. When ever making a purchase, I always reference this flow chart to make sure I’m not adding unecessary clutter to my life.

step four: patience

The hardest part about transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle was having patience! You’re not going to go zero waste in a week!

There can be this urge to throw everything out and start completely over, but that’s contradictory to the lifestyle. The lifestyle says waste nothing!

Use what you have to start. To be honest with you, almost three years later and I STILL have things from my pre-zero waste life. I plan on using those things until I can use them no longer.

Zero wasters may look like they have it 100% picture perfect together, but we all started somewhere. In fact, take a look at me in this blog post.

step five: better solutions

Once simple swaps have become routine, it’s time to take things one step further. Take a look at what you’re still throwing away and recycling. Start trying to find solutions for these items.

This is where you get to have fun! It’s time to think outside the box and try something new. You can always try something new. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep doing it. I have five rules I follow for personal sustainability. It’s equally important to ecological sustainability.

When I first started going zero waste, I made my own tortillas.

If you’ve been following this blog for any period in time, you know how that went. Other than, “I HATE food waste,” the most popular words you’ll find on this blog is, “I HATE making tortillas.”

It was time for me to find a better solution.

I hopped on down to a local Mexican restaurant and loaded up on tortillas in my own bag. Since then, I’ve found a tortilleria where I can get 20 freshly made tortillas in my own bag or $2. That’s right. $2.

Sometimes, it’s just about finding a better solution.

step six: education

Going zero waste really is a journey. When, I started this lifestyle, I knew I wanted to avoid making trash and bringing plastic into my home.

Over the years, I’ve learned so many new things. I’ve learned about the dangers of fast fashion. I learned more about the environmental impacts of a traditional American diet. I’ve learned about the devastating effects of palm oil and that we waste an INSANE amount of food.

I’m constantly evolving, learning, and growing. Each day I learn something new, and I learn how to do better.

No one is perfect, hence the motto of my blog, “It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.” But, every day we have the choice to leave a positive impact on the planet, and I’m just doing the best I can to make positive choices.

Keep educating yourself. Constantly keep learning and ask yourself, “Is there something I can do better?” Maybe the answer is no, but maybe the answer is yes!

Keep checking in with yourself. Always strive for better.

step seven: consumer habits

You’re definitely going to notice your consumer habits changing.

The best piece of advice I can offer is to stop purchasing things for a while (not food obviously). You can take some time to examine what you need.

I stopped buying things and focused on what I already had. I started finding contentment and it was really liberating.

Stuff doesn’t define us. Life isn’t about acquiring more things. Living a zero waste lifestyle has taught me about what’s really important: time and relationships.

When I did really need something, I started looking at the second hand market first. Then I looked for an ethical place to make a purchase. All of the things I bring into my life are very carefully curated and bring a lot of value to my life.

It’s important to get involved in your supply chain. Know where your purchases are coming from and know what’s going to happen to them when you’re done with them.

The concept of voting with your dollars is really popular in the zero waste movement.

Every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Make sure your purchases are supporting your values and ideal world.

step eight: community

It’s difficult to become discouraged when you feel like you’re the only one out there trying to make a difference.

I promise, you’re not alone in this fight! There are a ton of people working towards a common goal. Check out this blog post with five tips for finding a local zero waste community.

I even have my own “top-secret” zero waste group. You can join us by signing up here!

step nine: community action

Once you feel like you’ve got the individual action step down, it’s time to go one step further. With your local zero waste community, it’s time to pick out certain businesses you’d like to target.

Maybe there’s a restaurant you frequent and they put straws in your drink automatically. Write a letter with your group asking that the owner instate a new policy. Instead of automatically placing a straw in everyone’s drink, make straws available by request only.

Organize a documentary viewing for the local community. Host a talk at the library. Get a booth at the farmers market. Host an earth day event. Talk to teachers so they can start Zero Waste October. Encourage your workplace to go green with some initiatives.

Start thinking about community action to help get others involved and grow the movement at the grassroots level.

step ten: policy

One of the best quotes I’ve heard, “Citizens and businesses must first act so policy can react.” Policy reflects the will of the citizens and local businesses. By fostering a green community and gathering like-minded individuals, you’ll have some serious power to negotiate with your local government.

For more information on getting involved with your local government check out this post for my free policy workbook.

My journey looks very similar to the one presented here. I hit step 10 earlier this year when chosen to serve my local government. I’m curious if your journey looked like this?

Have you gone through all the steps? Were they in a similar order? What step are you on now?

What is Refill?

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What if you could refill your laundry detergent, shampoo and soap in reusable containers at affordable prices? Would you do it? Of course.

Refill technology is changing the way consumers shop, all while improving the environment.

Get the lowdown on refill technology, see how it works and how you can get involved.

How does it work?

Just like bringing your reusable bags to retail stores, now consumers can bring along refillable bottles too.

Consumers simply place their refillable bottle in the refill station, which can sit in any retail store, and tell the machine what to refill.

Let’s say you want to refill your laundry detergent. Pop the bottle in the machine, select your favorite brand of detergent, and the station will clean, refill and seal the bottle of detergent for you.

It’s as simple as getting candy from a vending machine. Just push a few buttons, and within seconds your empty bottle is refilled and ready to take home.

Why is this technology revolutionary?

Refill technology is one of few options that provide a zero waste solution to product consumption. Think about it, if you refill your bottles there’s no need to buy plastic bottles over and over again.

But recycling plastic bottles is just as good, right? Wrong. The truth is, only about 27 percent of plastic bottles used are actually recycled, the rest likely end up in landfills. When plastic bottles land in a heap at your local landfill, it takes them up to 500 years to decompose.

Recycling efforts are important, but there’s a better way: refilling.

Using refillable bottles will drastically reduce the time and energy you spend rinsing, sorting and hauling your blue bin out to the curb. It’s a win-win for manufactures, consumers and the planet


It’s time to tell retailers and manufacturers that we want new technologies to replace plastic waste.

The government hasn’t taken the steps necessary to ban plastic waste so it’s up to us – the consumer – to petition retailers and manufactures for change.

The technologies exist to create refill stations at your local retail store so why you haven’t seen them? Retailers and manufacturers are hesitant to install refill stations because it’s a huge industry shift and, most importantly, they have no idea that consumers want it.

When it comes to change, consumers have to take charge. It’s time for you to get involved and tell retailers and manufactueres that #WeWantRefill.

The #WeWantRefill movement is gaining momentum, but more must be done. To show retailers how serious you are about using refill technology, please take a minute to sign this petition to send a clear message to retailers that it’s time to refill, not waste.

Save the Planet with these Products

Plaine Products

I am really happy to say that I’ve become a Plaine Promoter. They have really wonderful products that are ethically sourced and sustainable. They are also vegan and don’t have any of the nasties. Check out the wonderful ingredients here.

I’ve tried making my own shampoo and let’s just say it was a big stinky mess.  Although it did smell wonderful with RoseMary Essential Oil,I had tea stains in my tub and then I found Plaine Products and was more than enamored. Not only is it healthy but it’s shipped to you in aluminum bottles and then when you run out and order more, they ship it to you in an Eco Friendly box and you can return the aluminum bottles to them.  It’s an awesome way to live a   Zero Waste lifestyle.

Plaine Product's Fresh Shampoo
So far I’ve tried the Hand Soap and the Shampoo and Conditioner.  They smell divine.  Vanilla/lavender is the scent I chose.  So I do feel it’s important to support businesses that are doing things the right way.  Remember Do No Harm.  So if a business is hurting their employees, the planet or their customers, it’s time to cut them off and only do business with ethical people and businesses.

If you order from my website I get a small commission.   I love these products and if they weren’t super eco friendly and just amazing for your skin, I wouldn’t support them.  Here’s the link to check out their awesome products.

I will appreciate your purchase for Mother Earth.  As you take a shower you don’t have to feel like you’re contributing a bunch of junk to the water supply.  Mother Earth  is what really counts.  But I have faith and know that things are turning around for us and remember The Children Will Inherit the Earth.  So let’s leave them a good place, starting now.

Bye for now,


For more information on Tea Tree Oil to care for your hair in a luxurious manner, click here.

Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach she lives in Northern California with her puppy Amber.

Easy Way to go Zero Waste

mint leaves

rA Zero Waste lifestyle can be different and can seem difficult. You see these people with all of these jars of food and everything is so organized. Then if you are like me, you look at your cupboards and it’s just kind of a mess. And then you think, “I can do that zero waste thing later when I have time.” Well the thing is we need to start this soone rather than later for a variety of reasons. Well I don’t really want to focus on the reasons because I’m sure if you are reading this then you already know why it’s a good thing to be a Zero waster.  But if you are really want to make a difference check out the Global Climate Action Summit Call to Action.

So I found a really easy way to go zero waste. So let’s just say for example you just ordered a bag of Flax Meal from Amazon. It came in a really great plastic bag that is clearly labeled as flax meal along with the nutritional value and maybe a few ways you can use it.

So when it starts running low, pour the remained in a glass jar. Take that really wonderful plastic bag to your favorite grocery store that has bulk bins and fill that bag up with ground flax meal.

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The reaction by the Checker may be different.  They might have no idea what Zero Waste is so you might want to be prepared to explain it.  I had to “school” a cashier.  But he was actually pretty cool.  Just know it’s a little different so you have to be a little bit patient with them.

So basically you just went ZERO WASTE like a boss!! More and more stores have bulk bins.

Boom you’ve now been transformed into an Earth Angel. And the Earth shall thank you and you will be rewarded dear one.

white angel illustration

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Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach in Northern California. She’s on a Zero Waste Journey along with other interests as well. click here to contact.

Liberation From The Kitchen

How would you feel with some extra free time?  It’s easier than you think.

Let’s look at the current situation.  Many men and women work full time jobs.  After they get off work, they have to get home and figure out dinner for themselves and maybe their families.  Not sure about how many people feel about cooking dinner after working at least 8 hours, but it can be exhausting and that’s not exactly the first thing you feel like doing.

So how do you deal with this feeling of not wanting to cook?  Many people decide not to cook and instead go to their favorite take out or restaurant and buy dinner.  Not only is this pricey but most of the packaging comes in plastic.  Hopefully you grab something healthy for your body.  But if not then you bought something bad for one’s body and is bad for the planet as well.

How about thinking about a new solution?  I know this is not a new idea but actually a very old idea.  So maybe you have a good friend that is in the same situation as you.  So before you cook dinner you give them a quick call and say, “Hey friend, I’m making some mushroom soup and salad.  I cannot eat it all.  Would you like to stop by on your way home from work and pick some up on your way home?  Bring your own container and we’ll save the planet.”  Your friend is not only grateful but she replies, “Thanks so much!! I made some almond meal cookies and I’ll bring you some.”

The next night the cookie making friend calls her making friend and says, ” I made some quinoa with pesto sauce would you like me to bring some over?”  And they were both fed happy and they had the strength to carry on another day.

So if everyone started to do this, it would just create a world where people are sharing, caring and being fed.  It would be really great for the planet, families wallets and it would allow people to share some time together instead of being in the kitchen.

You can also try new and different food and if you like to cook, then someone to tell you how awesome your food is.  Also there’s nothing wrong with just giving food to someone with no expectation in return.  As you give, so shall you receive.  This is how we will transform our planet.  One small gesture of sharing at a time.  Let’s start the cycle of giving and receiving.

About the Author:  Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.  Her dream is to see all people healthy and happy.  She shares with you healthy recipes, Anything good for Mother Earth as Mother Earth is in need of healing. As you Heal Yourself, You heal the planet.