Liberation From The Kitchen

How would you feel with some extra free time?  It’s easier than you think.

Let’s look at the current situation.  Many men and women work full time jobs.  After they get off work, they have to get home and figure out dinner for themselves and maybe their families.  Not sure about how many people feel about cooking dinner after working at least 8 hours, but it can be exhausting and that’s not exactly the first thing you feel like doing.

So how do you deal with this feeling of not wanting to cook?  Many people decide not to cook and instead go to their favorite take out or restaurant and buy dinner.  Not only is this pricey but most of the packaging comes in plastic.  Hopefully you grab something healthy for your body.  But if not then you bought something bad for one’s body and is bad for the planet as well.

How about thinking about a new solution?  I know this is not a new idea but actually a very old idea.  So maybe you have a good friend that is in the same situation as you.  So before you cook dinner you give them a quick call and say, “Hey friend, I’m making some mushroom soup and salad.  I cannot eat it all.  Would you like to stop by on your way home from work and pick some up on your way home?  Bring your own container and we’ll save the planet.”  Your friend is not only grateful but she replies, “Thanks so much!! I made some almond meal cookies and I’ll bring you some.”

The next night the cookie making friend calls her making friend and says, ” I made some quinoa with pesto sauce would you like me to bring some over?”  And they were both fed happy and they had the strength to carry on another day.

So if everyone started to do this, it would just create a world where people are sharing, caring and being fed.  It would be really great for the planet, families wallets and it would allow people to share some time together instead of being in the kitchen.

You can also try new and different food and if you like to cook, then someone to tell you how awesome your food is.  Also there’s nothing wrong with just giving food to someone with no expectation in return.  As you give, so shall you receive.  This is how we will transform our planet.  One small gesture of sharing at a time.  Let’s start the cycle of giving and receiving.

About the Author:  Valerie is a Health and Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.  Her dream is to see all people healthy and happy.  She shares with you healthy recipes, Anything good for Mother Earth as Mother Earth is in need of healing. As you Heal Yourself, You heal the planet.

Best Ever Mushroom Soup

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Best Ever Mushroom SoupCreamy mushroom soup that is not full of crazy ingredients can be hard to come by. Trying to find a vegan version is pretty much impossible. Even if you do, it’s likely full of salt and preservatives. Well not anymore! This vegan mushroom soup is quite honestly the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had. Hands down, no contest.

I think letting the ingredients shine through can really makes the difference between “the best I’ve ever had” vs. “well that was good”, especially when you are talking soup. I have this wonderful memory of having lunch with a very good friend some 4 years ago and we both ordered the portabello mushroom soup. I laugh thinking back at the uncanny silence as we savored our lunch, since there was usually never any silence when were together, mostly because I never shut-up 🙂 But sometimes food can do that. Since then, I’ve been trying to recreate a soup that mimicked those flavors I still remember to this day.

Best Ever Mushroom Soup_2

The secret I’ve found is to remove cream from the equation. It somehow takes away from that mushroom flavor I’ve been chasing after in recreating that soup. The mushrooms, when you treat them right, take on this deep earthy flavor that can easily be lost if there are too many ingredients to compete with. Oh and thyme! I’m a firm believer that anytime you are making something with mushrooms, some fresh or dried thyme should be in the mix. Don’t believe me, well try this recipe and you will become a believer!!

This best ever mushroom soup for me is a flash back to the past, but I hope it becomes on of your favorites as well! The vegan soup can be made creamy with the addition of cashew cheese; my preferred addition. I usually have some at the house just waiting to be enjoyed, it’s been a wonderful addition. You could also add some parmesan cheese if you are not vegan, which would compliment the mushroom with its salty nutty flavor.

Since there are so few ingredients in this dish, I find that it’s important to use very good quality ingredients. Use fresh mushrooms, and organic veggie broth. To prepare the mushrooms, just use a dry paper towel to brush off any soil/dirt you see. Don’t run mushrooms under water, as they are very porous and will absorb the water, and never really develop their flavor fully.

I like using fresh thyme in this recipe, the aroma of the thyme is heavenly, and fresh herbs in the middle of winter are one of my favorite reminders that spring is coming. To remove the little thyme leaves from the stalk, simply hold the stalk at the very top (so the leaves are pointing up) and run your fingers down the stalk pulling the leaves down with your fingers. The stalks can be very fibrous and tough, so be sure to remove as much of them as you can.

Simple earthy mushrooms paired with fresh thyme come together to create the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had! Vegan and low fat, this soup will warm you from the inside out and will have you questioning ever having anything from a can again! This best ever mushroom soup also pairs well with your favorite version of grilled cheese for a hearty, filling meal!

This best ever mushroom soup is almost better the next day, so if you are having company, this would be a great make ahead meal. Just give the soup a few minutes to come back up to temperature over medium low heat before serving. Cashew cheese can be stirred in during the initial preparation or at this point. If you are adding any other kind of cheese, you will want to wait until serving to add it.

Best Ever Mushroom Soup

Best Ever Mushroom Soup_3
The best mushroom soup recipe I’ve ever had! Mushroom lovers rejoice, this soup is full of hearty, earthy mushrooms that don’t have to compete with other flavors to shine through. Vegan and fat free, this mushroom soup will quickly become a favorite in your home!

Course Soup
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 123 kcal
Author Bites of Wellness


1 large white onion diced
1 package white button mushrooms 10 oz sliced
1 package baby portobello mushrooms 10 oz sliced
10 stalks fresh thyme leaves removed
1 cup organic vegetable broth
1 tbs. tapioca flour
1 cup almond or cashew milk unsweetened
1 dried bay leaf
1/2 tbs. liquid aminos GF (or soy sauce)
1/2 tsp. salt
freshly ground pepper


1. In a large saucepan, over medium heat, add the diced onions. Allow to sweat while slicing the mushrooms. About 5-7 minutes.
2. Move onions to the sides of the saucepan and add mushrooms, allow to cook 5 minutes uncovered.
3. Stir the onions and mushrooms together. Add fresh thyme and allow to continue to cook, at least 10 minutes.
4. You will notice a substantial amount of water has come out of the mushrooms, and they are reduced in volume by half.
5. Add the bay leaf, the salt and the liquid aminos to the mushrooms.
6. Stir the 1 tbs. of tapioca starch into the organic broth. Add to mushrooms and stir. Add almond milk.
7. Allow to cook for at least 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Taste and add freshly ground black pepper to taste.
8. This soup is amazing the next day as well and can easily be doubled.
9. Add cashew cheese, Parmesan cheese or enjoy the soup just as it is!